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Four months of Biscuit.

2008-10-10 - 10:42 a.m.

I’ve short-changed poor Biscuit. In the midst of all the birthdays and anniversaries and family gatherings for holidays I sort of slid right past his 4-month entry on the 3rd. Since this coincided with the birthdays of my husband and two best friends, I think I can be forgiven.

I’m glad, in a way, that I held off though: I now have more to report. The day after he turned 4 months, while I was out, for less than two hours at a huge kids consignment sale (the sale was huge, not the kids for whom the sale was), this son of mine, who I am with almost 24/7, allegedly rolled over. Three times. Yep, I was gone for the merest moment compared to how much time I’m with him, and he rolled from back to front for his uncle Bob, who has never been solo with him before. Pah. The “funniest” part? He has yet to repeat this feat. He gets most of the way but gets hung up on his arm which wedges underneath him.

Oh well, leaving out the 3 “specialty” items which were more expensive (two toddler winter jackets and a VERY fancy dress, and even then the most expensive thing was twelve bucks) I got 40 items for an average price of just over two dollars each - almost an entire winter wardrobe for Grommet, who had outgrown most of last winter’s things – so I would do it again if I could go back.

Also within the last few days, we managed to secure a Jolly Jumper on a stand. I feel a little guilty that we’re getting more infant play stuff for Biscuit than Grommet ever had but a) she was never into that stuff, plus b) we lived downtown so I had more places to walk with her but precious little space in our house to put things for her. The play mat alone that we got for Biscuit could not have been fit into our living room without getting rid of our coffee table. Even then we might have sucked it up for a Jolly Jumper but the two trial runs we took with those things (once at a friend’s, once in the store) ended in tears. Swiftly.

After two sessions in it, Biscuit is starting to get the hang of the Jolly Jumper and is kind of, well, maybe not “jumping” but is more “lunging in circles.” He seems to like it though. It’s taking us just as long to get used to seeing him upright when not held that way in a person’s arms. It seriously looks like he’s on the verge of walking, and we might be used to that idea if he was, say, 8 months old, but at 4 months it looks kind of bizarre.

Man, can I just give a shout-out to used things for kids? Between this consignment sale and the one last spring, we’re pretty much set for clothes for both our kids for a year at least, probably more like two. The Jolly Jumper cost us twenty-five bucks (listed on sale for seventy new) and the activity mat – which is a genius design and in perfect shape – cost twenty, when it’s a hundred bucks new. Best of all, I get to make my kids happy for not a lot of cash: Grommet loves to get new clothes (and is over the moon about the Spider Man Pyjamas I picked up for three bucks) and Biscuit is really enjoying his toys.

At any rate, Biscuit is big and getting bigger. I suspect he’s probably about average size for a boy, but it’ll be confirmed at his doctor’s visit next week. He’s certainly bigger than we’re used to: he fits into clothes that Grommet wore when she was much older. He’s easy-going, sleeps a lot, is in good spirits most of the time (even now when he’s got his first runny nose), is a good eater, and is becoming an engaging baby who elicits “awwws” with each coo and gummy grin. I love how he’s still a warm little bundle though; how he sticks out his butt and throws back his head when he stretches when I first pick him up in the morning; and how he’s full of smiles and burbles whenever he’s on his beloved changing table. I’m truly lucky, blessed even, to have the privilege of having a second beautiful, adorable, yummy baby. If I’m lucky he’ll become every bit as engaging and bright and cute a toddler as his sister is.


Oh yeah, and I turned 36 yesterday.

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