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My 5-year plan.

2008-09-30 - 10:50 a.m.

The first couple of weeks in October mark some big yearly events: itís my husbandís and two best friendsí birthdays all on the 3rd, my birthday on the 9th, Thanksgiving on the 13th here in Canada, with all its attendant feasting and visiting with family, and on the 7th, itís the anniversary of this journal. Iíve been going strong for 5 years and this entry is my 665th.


While every year I kind of go, ďHunh. Another year and Iím still here.Ē this anniversary is a biggie and I intend to mark it with a gift. My plan, if I can figure out a way to do it relatively easily, is to print 3 copies of the whole journal and have them bound, one for me and one for each of my kids. In fact, given that I write about one page of text per entry, I may have to do more than one volume per copy.

If I canít do it easily, I still intend to do it, but Iíll be lucky to have it done by Christmas. Heck, I might be lucky to have it done by the end of maternity leave next year. But Iím going to do it. Itís all well and good to have it online, or even backed up in electronic form, but Iíd really love to have paper copies too. In fact, there are a couple of blogs/journals out there I kind of wish I could purchase paper copies of. The amazing but no-longer-updated Tequila Mockingbird springs to mind.

Writing this journal, and reading othersí too, and becoming part of a community spangled across the continent, has really been an amazing experience. It has changed me, shaped me, educated me, and given me solace when I needed it. Just as importantly, it has chronicled my life from the time I was a newlywed, onwards through the conception, birth, and early lives of both of my children. But I have to admit, I donít often go back and read my earlier entries unless Iím looking to prompt a specific memory or find a certain piece of information. I think having this journal on paper will invite perusal. And yes, I will probably cringe at some of my earlier stuff or my more naÔve or poorly-written entries, but outweighing that is the possibility, nay, the likelihood, that I will have those ďa-ha! Iíd forgotten that!Ē moments.

So yeah, 5 years. Longer than a lot of people I read who are now considered to have been here a long time. You donít have to be impressed, but given that I wasnít sure Iíd keep it up a month? I am, and thatís what matters.

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