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This is going to be a LONG weekend.

2008-09-25 - 11:34 a.m.

Oh man, Grommet was sick, as in throwing-up-all-night sick a couple of days ago and I thought, ďthank GOD itís now at least, and not when J is gone to BC this weekend.Ē

Fate? What are you doing here? Was I tempting you? Silly, silly me.

So we were getting ready to drive J to the airport and guess what, Grommet started whimpering and I had just enough time to stuff a plastic tub under her head when, bleargh! He called his dad to drive him rather than risk a repeat in the car where it was much harder to hold a bucket under her mouth. And no daycare for her today, when Iíd planned to head downtown after the airport to take Biscuit to an infant drop-in that I used to love when Grommet was a baby. This afternoon I was contemplating a mom-and-baby movie while I planned what to do for dinner: perhaps Vietnamese with friends who adore the kids and would have been happy to share the burden of keeping them both happy for a couple of hours.

Nope. Now itís relying on the TV to keep Grommet entertained and stationary near her bucket and water while I try to make sure Biscuit stays placated and fed while awake and do my best to make sure he naps on schedule and doesnít get too cranky.

J wonít be back until Sunday evening. Iím hoping that this latest bout with whateverís bothering her stomach is a) not contagious and b) short-lived. Iím still hoping sheís well enough for daycare tomorrow and the apple orchard trip Iíve planned for Saturday with her Nana and Grampa. (Corn maze! Fresh mini-cider-donuts! Picking your own apples! How can it miss?)

Iím really, REALLY hoping that today wonít turn into another puke-fest and that we can all at least get outside today. Itís a rare-for-late-September 26 degrees C. And at least if she throws up out there itís easy to clean up, assuming she misses her clothes.

Wish me luck.

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