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2008-09-02 - 8:43 a.m.

September already? Summer I hardly knew ye. And I am totally serious when I say that.

This has been our first summer owning a pool and a disappointing summer itís been in that respect: we had one hot week in early June and a few hot days in a row in July when the pool got reasonably warm and thatís it. Both times I couldnít use it due to my recent c-section birth of Biscuit. (FYI, no tampons allowed if youíve just given birth, even if you had a c-section. It has something to do with increasing the risk of infection to the uterus.)

Since Iíve been able to actually partake of our backyard swimming, the days have generally been overcast or rainy and the nights have been very cool. This is great for sleeping, but not so great for maintaining the temperature of a pool. Iíve been in to swim to the far end and back exactly once, and that was despite the 65 degree water temperature, just so I could at least say Iíd done it. This week Ė in September! How ironic is that? Ė is probably my last hope for any real swimming since itís in the high twenties/low thirties and sunny during the day; at night we tuck it in with the solar blanket for insulation. Already the poolís in the high 60s, so if it hits the low 70s Iíll definitely be using it. (No, I donít know why I can only relate to air temperature in Celsius, but to water temperature in Fahrenheit.)

Today is the day I still think of as the beginning of a new year, or at least a new phase, despite having been out of school for a number of years now. In my mind the day after Labour Day is fall and time to focus on getting serious about stuff: no more lazy, hazy days; pull up your socks (or at least start wearing socks again) and start battening down the hatches for the winter and making plans for being productive. I actually heard ďI need to start my Christmas shopping if I want to get it done before the rushĒ come out of my mouth the other day. Also on my agenda: get back to the gym regularly, figure out what to buy for the slew of birthdays in October, start preparing for Art in the Park next spring, and find a part-time, try-on-a-new-field job for next summer. Oh yeah, and tell my boss in my regular job not to expect me back for an extra 3 months since I wonít be returning in June as expected but, rather, September.

Thatís right: I have almost exactly a year to figure out what I want to do when I grow up. Wish me luck.

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