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Housing and sleeping.

2008-08-19 - 3:26 p.m.

Today we had our first design appointment with the developer thatís building the house weíre moving into next year. There were a ton of options and upgrades, but we think we did okay at figuring out what we want for the areas covered. Next time will be colours and finishes and THAT will be difficult. Well, not for the kitchen, but the bathrooms have me a bit stymied because Iím having trouble picturing exactly what I want for the overall look. I know, for instance, that I like white subway tile on the shower walls. I also like various brown tones for the floor, and am having trouble picturing what on earth would look good on the tub surround, and should it match the shower or the floor? (Shower, I think.) And would white subway tiles look funny against brown square tiles on the floor? I think they might. And there are 3 bathrooms to make these decisions about. Yeesh.

At least today the decisions were more along the lines of where do I want phone/cable/datapoint/power outlets. Thatís way easier to picture for me.


You know, as I type that little double-colon to signify a topic change, I always hear that chung, chung sound that you hear on Law & Order when they do a scene change.


Biscuit has now slept through the night three or four times. This past week he made it from 11:00 pm to 6:00 am without stirring. And he was quiet and charming/sleeping all the way through our 4-hour appointment today with only needing to feed once. Truly amazing, this kid.

Does anybody know when to start a ďbedtimeĒ for babies? I know a friend who puts her son down at the same time each evening and I think she started doing so at 4 months, but thatís Ďcause she gave up co-sleeping at that time. Also, when do you start set naptimes, i.e. a sleep schedule? Right now, Biscuit sleeps when he dozes off during the day, and bedtime is also dictated by when he falls asleep downstairs, and then he is brought to bed after the fact when we go to bed ourselves. This is convenient in some respects but Iíd like to encourage good sleep habits early. My problem is, I donít know how early to start doing this. Heís only 2 Ĺ months now and it seems early, but maybe it isnít? Goodness knows Grommet would have benefited from some earlier sleep training.

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