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Five great years together.

2008-08-10 - 8:59 a.m.

The more observant may notice a recent entry has disappeared. It would seem that, while saying something out loud may fall of deaf ears, reading the same sentiments on the internet has a bit more of an effect. Point taken, apparently, and since J felt that this particular entry did not paint him in a flattering light… well, a harmonious marriage is far more important than a snippet of online snippiness. Besides, everyone has their foibles and in almost all respects J is a fantastic partner, father and person and I wouldn’t want to give the impression otherwise. It was our 5-year anniversary yesterday and I am neither kidding nor exaggerating when I say that not a day goes by that I don’t think how lucky I am to have him.


It turned out that J’s aunt was in Montreal yesterday at her daughter’s, i.e., J’s cousin’s house. My mom’s mom also lives in Montreal, and since J’s dad is with my mom (check the archives if you’re curious about this – they got together about 2 years ago but I think I first wrote about it around Christmas of that year), the plan that evolved and was executed was, 1) rendez-vous with J’s cousin’s family and the ‘rents for lunch, then, 2) head, with the ‘rents, to my grandmother’s place for dinner. In other words, the way we spent our 5-year anniversary is reminiscent (in a small-scale way) of how we spent our wedding: surrounded by family from both sides.

It was lovely. J’s cousin has a couple of kids and, though they’re older than Grommet, the daughter is the right age to want to watch her. She and her friend spent the entire day playing with Grommet. They dressed her up and took pictures, they took her on the playset out in the back yard, they played hide and seek, they just generally doted on her and she did not want to leave. And since Grommet was so happily occupied, J and I could focus on visiting and on keeping Biscuit from feeling neglected and getting grumpy. As a result he got a lot of compliments and ooo’ing over how cute and happy he was.

After luring Grommet away with the promise of a visit with her beloved great-Granny, we headed over for dinner. Let me give you a tip: if you’re ever in Montreal and like pizza, get some from a non-chain place. You will rarely be disappointed. After dinner the ‘rents headed home to put ensure their chickens were safely bedded down for the night, but we accompanied Granny on an excursion to Westmount park. Westmount park is one of the nicest parks I’ve ever seen. Despite being in the middle of one of Canada’s largest cities, it’s huge. It’s got a little creek flowing through it, a library, a greenhouse, soccer fields, and a green space which is used for events like Shakespeare in the Park, and, most importantly to us last night, a large playground. It was teeming with kids and some of them were even Grommet’s age. She had a blast playing on the equipment but, just as importantly to us, she also found a couple of kids to actually play in the sand with. At home there’s a playground near us but we’ve never seen any kids her age there – they’re almost all older and don’t want to play with a toddler. It was awesome just to see her sharing toys and interacting with kids her age.

It was a good anniversary and a great day.

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