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Colic? Or something with a solution?

2008-08-08 - 9:19 a.m.

Before I forget, there have been a couple of great happenings in my blogosphere:

Congratulations to Julie from a little pregnant and her husband Paul on the arrival of her beautiful son Ben. It was an epic journey for Julie to have her two little guys, and Im so happy for her that her second is here and everyone is well.


After a much-too-long hiatus, Miss Doxie is back! Seriously, its been, like, months and months since shed posted and her comments section was overflowing with speculation as to whether shed come back at all and hopes that she would.


I took Biscuit to his 2-month well-baby appointment yesterday. The verdict? Hes doing great, is about 45th percentile for height and (drumroll please) about 75th percentile for weight! Did I not say hes a good eater? My little pat of butter.

I also noticed an interesting phenomenon: he had two shots so I gave him a mL of infant Tylenol about an hour before his appointment, and another when we was fussy about 6:00 pm. Last night was the first in recent memory (i.e., the last few weeks) that he didnt cry and cry and cry in the late evening. Did the shots wear him out so he slept easier? Did the Tylenol make him sleepy? Was it just a coincidence and the planets happened to align in a no-cry configuration? Or is he crying every night because hes in genuine discomfort that the Tylenol attenuated? I dont really want to drug my kid if its just that the Tylenol makes him sleepy, but if hes in needless pain every night and there something simple and safe we can do to alleviate it, I wouldnt want to not do it either. This bears further discussion with my doctor I think.


Its Js and my 5th anniversary tomorrow! I think Ill spend part of the day searching for appropriate gifts

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