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Two months of Biscuit!

2008-08-04 - 9:19 a.m.

Biscuit turned two months old yesterday. Hes growing out of his first set of baby clothes already and has his well-baby appointment and first round of shots this Thursday. Hes on the cusp of no longer being a newborn: depending on his expression and the angle from which youre viewing him, he appears alternately like a helpless little gopher peering over your shoulder, or a robust and animated baby. He is starting to smile a bit more and interact with the world around him. He notices the lights in the swing now, and will follow me with his eyes and turn his head to keep sight of me. We can only hope that his evening crying jags will be coming to an end in a month or so.

Did I not mention those? (If I have and have forgotten, blame the baby-brain.) Yeah, every evening his little face screws itself into a crumpled, unhappy ball and he starts to howl. It generally starts sometime after 8:00 pm and almost always ends before 11:00 pm at the latest. I think he usually goes for about an hour and always looks very uncomfortable. We feel sorry for him but at least we know it will pass Grommet did something similar and are hoping that the 3-month mark will signal its decline. In the meantime we try to comfort him as best we can. First I check if hes hungry and if he latches on but then freaks out when the milk lets down we know hes not hungry. Then, depending on the weather, we might put him in the Moby wrap and go for a walk, or well offer him a finger to suck on, or well stroll around the house, or well change his position to see if we can find the magic one thatll make him on that particular day. Often hell initially settle when something changes, but will eventually the air molecules will re-arrange themselves into a pattern that displeases him and hell launch back into a full-throated wail. At some point before 11:00 hes just had enough and goes to sleep.

We think it might be gas, except that its rare that his settling coincides with the release of it. Sometimes he fusses and then spits up/farts/poops and settles, but just as often as not hell go back to fussing after only a short while. Im considering cutting back on dairy again, as that seemed to marginally help Grommet. Its not my first choice of action though, since I not only like diary, I think its particularly good for me to drink milk while Im nursing.

We got the Flip Mino video camera, so were capturing some of these early days. I only wish wed gotten something like this for Grommets baby-hood. Oh well, shell have to be content with the eleventy-billion pictures we have of her. Not that we have none of our little man...


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