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The eyes have it.

2008-07-31 - 1:00 p.m.

Awhile back I read a blog entry (I can't remember where or I'd link to it) wherein the writer asked her audience when children’s eyes stop changing colour. There were dozens of responses in her comment section and I noticed something I found interesting: many of the commenters described their own children’s eye colours and almost none of them used the descriptors of just “brown”, “blue”, etc. For instance, on that thread, Grommet’s eyes wouldn’t be “hazel”, but rather, “some might mistake them for brown, but in fact they’re a mixture of dark steely grey and chocolate.” I might even follow that up with “her doctor calls them hazel,” to lend authority to the statement that they’re not brown, despite what my mother thinks.

Biscuit’s eyes are no longer the flat grey of a newborn, but are filling in a lighter grey from the inner ring outwards. Right now they remind me of a storm cloud, or maybe deep water with a hint of sediment in it, but I can foresee a time when they’ll be lighter than they are right now. I have no idea if brown will start creeping in or not, like it did into his sister’s eyes: I can’t remember when it first showed up with her, but I think it was quite late and her eye colour didn’t really set until she was well over a year old.

I think all of us mothers think our kids’ eyes are an unusual colour. Think about it: how would you describe your child’s eyes? And I don’t mean to a person peering at them in the grocery store, but if you had time to wax poetic about it, to people that had never met or seen your kid in person? I bet you couldn’t restrict yourself to a single word.

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