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Sleeping like a baby.

2008-07-28 - 8:40 a.m.

Biscuit slept through the night (i.e., for more than 6 hours straight during the night) for the second time last night. Might I just reiterate that Grommet did not pull this miraculous feat off until she was well over a year old? And Biscuit is just shy of 8 weeks. And was, like less than two weeks the first time.

To balance things out a bit though, unlike his sister, he does suffer from something causing uncontrollable howling almost every night (tonight was a rare exception). During this period Ė which can stretch out to a few hours Ė he seems to really, really want to suck something, and when I initially put him on the boob he clamps on like itís a lifelineÖ and then the milk lets down and he lets go and howls his dismay as I spray his face with warm jets of liquid love. Itís like heís thinking what the f@*%? I donít want no steenking milk!

At these times we walk him around, then put him in the Moby wrap and go for a stroll, and finally we resort to letting him suck one of our fingers until heís finally over it (usually by 11:00 pm). I have to confess, the other day we caved and bought him a soother to see if it would do the trick for him (our fingers actually get prune-y and sore from his desperate sucking), vowing that weíd only give it to him for these limited evening periods, but alas (or perhaps fortunately, since Iím not a fan of the soother) he has roundly rejected them as inferior to our fingers.

I do continue to try the boob every half hour or so, just in case enough time has passed that this time heís really hungry and will take it and just calm the heck down already. Alas, it is rare that this works until heís good and ready for it to work. We donít know if heís in pain or just thatís his personal witching hour, but it seems like heís just got to get it out of his system in his own good time.


Apropos of nothing, Iím really digging milk blended with a banana, Ovaltine, and a dash of cinnamon these days (I also added a scoop of protein powder to this concoction when I was pregnant). I have to restrain myself from having this more than once a day.

Iím also craving sugar, particularly in the form of Cherry Blossoms and Honey Roasted Peanut Oh Henry bars. Fortunately, those are both almost impossible to find around here.

Iím also really missing exercise. (At least one thing I want is healthy.) I think Iíll be starting back at the gym soon.


There was more to this entry but my computer ate it so I think I'd better get this up while I have the chance...

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