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Biscuit update.

2008-07-24 - 12:59 p.m.

So I was sitting here reading Her Bad Mother and Biscuit began to stir. It went something like this:

squeak, *poot*
snort, *poot*
squeak, *poot*
SQUAWK, *gassy, loud-enough-to-be-heard-from-across-the-house pooping*


[about a minute of silence]

another indescribable new-born noise, *more pooping*

hee!, tap, tap, tippety-tap on the keyboard


Speaking of the Biscuit, he started making his first tentative attempts at deliberate smiling about 3 days ago. We can just coax fleeting twitches of smiles out of him, but in those split seconds he melts our hearts. I can always tell when J has been the lucky recipient because I can hear him cooing about how cute Biscuit is from clear across the house.

He’s also just starting to make “baby” noises, which are replacing the precious “newborn” squeaks, whistles, grunts and mews. I love both, but really hope we manage to capture the latter somehow before they’re gone. We have the new Flip Mino on order, but it’s taking longer than expected to come in.

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