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Oh boy!

2008-07-21 - 3:34 p.m.

My sister in-law just had it confirmed via her second ultrasound in as many days: I have a new nephew on the way. I’m pleased for her because they already have two girls and I know they were hoping for a boy this time. I’m also pleased that Biscuit will have a male cousin about his age to play with.

I have to confess though, I am a little… what’s the word… disquieted perhaps? No, maybe just not entirely comfortable with just how thrilled and excited they are about the fact that this child will possess a penis. I mean, yeah, they have two girls and probably decided to try again partly so they could get their boy. I get that. And yes, lots of people want boys. But I can’t help but feel vaguely defensive at how many more people seem to want boys than girls. After all, I am a girl. More pertinently, I am the girl of a father who wanted boys, and wasn’t allowed to forget it thanks to a slightly bitter mother, divorced from said father lo these many years.

When the email went out from my sister in-law’s husband with the ALL-CAPS-LOCK announcement which topped off the YAHOO with about 20 exclamation points, it just seemed, well, a bit much. As in, if their daughters were old enough to read it I’d fear they’d be kind of hurt and maybe a tad insulted.

I really am happy for them. And I understand being excited; after all, I was excited to find out that Biscuit was a boy, though I really think I would have been just as excited had I been told he’d be a girl (since I’ve always pictured myself as the mother of daughters).

What do you think? Am I being a buzzkill? Should I not be the raincloud hovering over this parade? Am I just – dare I say it – projecting a little and unnecessarily?

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