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One month already?

2008-07-05 - 1:21 p.m.

Biscuit quietly turned one month old earlier this week. Heís probably a bit more than 10 pounds now, so heís tacked about 40% more onto his original body weight, and is visibly chubbing up quite nicely. Heís always been good at holding up his head, right from day one, but heís managing it for longer and longer. Heís also awake for longer periods of time every day, not that heís not still sleeping for the vast majority of the day.

Unfortunately, heís also got a touch of baby acne these days (Iíll have to learn how to get rid of that in his pics Ė I love digital!), but from what Iíve read it should resolve itself in a week or two. I cannot wait until his first deliberate smile; the previews weíve gotten, courtesy of the gas bubbles going through his system, have been just heart-melting.

Overall, heís a good baby and does what babies are expected to do: he eats every couple of hours, poops and pees often, cries and fusses sometimes, and sleeps a lot.


For those wondering about the abdominal pain I mentioned in the last entry, the doctor checked it out and told me that itís right where the stitches are knotted on my fascia layer (the layer thatís under the skin and fat) and that the stitches take longer to dissolve on the interior layers. All I can do is not overdo it and wait for it to resolve itself. Taking pain meds isnít the answer, because all that would do is mask the pain. In other words, I wouldnít have that built-in warning that I was doing too much, and would take longer to heal.

Iíve also been told that Iím not supposed to use tampons, because even though I had a c-section birth, the cervix is altered enough that tampon use increases the risk of infection where the placenta had attached inside the uterus. Do you know why this sucks? Let me give you a hint: 30 degrees Celsius predicted for tomorrow and I have a beautiful pool in my backyard.

Bah. I may not entirely heed this particular piece of medical advice.

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