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Party, party, party.

2008-07-02 - 9:09 p.m.

My c-section was now just over 4 weeks ago and at this point I should be well on the road to recovery, yes? So why does my lower abdomen hurt more now than it did last week? Why do I feel a burning sting near the surface just inside my right hip bone, which isnít even where my incision is but, rather, higher and further to the outside? Why do I have to once again fear sneezing, since it feels like my belly is going to burst at that spot?

Is this normal? Have I been overdoing it? I donít think I have been since I feel, in truth, like Iíve not really done anything at all, to the point of being really, really bored a lot of the time. Fearing that itís only going to get worse, Iíve left a message with my doctor to see if I need to be seen, but she hasnít called me back and in an hour Iím going out of the house for the rest of the day (escape!).


I didnít get this finished before I had to go. Iíve now gone to and returned from the birthday party I mentioned in my last entry. This was a child turning 1 year old. They had two types invitations made: one for the people invited to this party, one for the second full-fledged party theyíre having in their hometown on the weekend with all the friends theyíve made there. They had loot bags personalized for each child who attended. They had a hat for the birthday girl that was shaped like a cake with a little candle thing on itís crown, emblazoned with ďFirst Birthday!Ē Are you kidding me?

Our Canada Day party went well Ė better than Iíd anticipated, truth be told. We had a good number of people show up, some of them actually went swimming and a few even brought food contributions. We even got a couple of gifts for the Biscuit and one for the house. We had a lot of pasta salad and potato salad left over, but we didnít have a ridiculous amount of leftovers.

Best of all, we got to see a lot of people we really like but havenít been able to see much since becoming parents. Itís not that these people donít have kids Ė though they donít Ė itís just that we started operating on very, very different schedules once Grommet was born. We couldnít easily accept invitations to go out to a loud bar for dinner at 7:00 pm when her bedtime was 7:30, and we just donít have the kind of parents who babysit their grandkids much. We could get a sitter that we actually pay, but we donít know how to look for one and, to be honest, weíre just not that inclined to go to non-kid-friendly events any more. It may limit our social availability, but weíre just more into the family stuff these days. Weíve left Grommet with other people probably only maybe 5 times, including when we went to the hospital to have Biscuit. Much as she can try our patience, we donít like to leave her behind. Plus weíre ready for bed ourselves by 9:00 pm most days, and that was true even before Biscuit came along.

Anyway, it was good to see some of our long lost friends and it inspires hope that we'll all make the effort to get together more in the near future.

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