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3 1/2 weeks.

2008-06-28 - 12:32 p.m.

Biscuit is now 3 ˝ weeks old and has gained almost a pound a week for the last two weeks – given that he dropped a little initially (like all babies do), he now weighs over 9 lbs. This isn’t that surprising when you take into consideration that he probably eats every couple of hours during the day. I’ve taken to calling him “Butter Pat” and “Butterbean”. The only trouble he’s caused us is when he has gas pains in the late evening or during the night. It means we lose a little sleep from time to time, but overall he’s a relatively easy baby so far.

I might not have mentioned it, but within a week of coming home he slept for 6 hours straight one night, which I think is officially “through the night”. Do you hate me now? If so, consider this: Grommet was well over a year old before she slept that long at one stretch. And I have my suspicions that this was a rare event and not likely to be repeated soon or often.

Plans for our Canada Day “Open house” (thanks Pamela, for the suggested description) continue apace. A lot of people have plans already, plus it’s supposed to rain and the big draw to come here is the pool, but I don’t mind if it’s a small gathering.

Can I just talk about my boobs here for a minute? Biscuit is a good nurser, but the fact that he does eat so often is taking its own toll of a sort. My boobs, aside from being sore and having nips that are probably distended permanently, are always hot. Is this normal? Is it just because they’re always healing from his latest enthusiastic onslaught? Is it because they’re constantly generating milk and the biological process generates heat? Is there a problem with the latch and I’m sustaining more discomfort and pain than I should? Or am I the only one that experiences this? I can tell you right now that my milk let-down stings and I can’t blame the Biscuit for this – just like last time I have simultaneous let-down on both sides and that means both sides sting, even the one that’s not being nursed on at the time.

Also, to try to keep the discomfort down, I’m trying to stop sessions once I’m reasonably certain that Biscuit is no longer nursing for food and has slipped into nursing for comfort only. I don’t mind some nursing for comfort if I know my kid’s distressed about something, but I draw the line at fostering the habit of treating my boobs like chew-toys. Any other ideas?

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