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Speaking of slacker mamas...

2008-06-18 - 2:30 p.m.

Itís been just over two weeks since the Biscuitís entrance into the world and I have to confess: Iím getting a bit stir-crazy over here. Iíve blown through both of the first two seasons of the OC on DVD and have watched more home renovation/design/selling shows than I think Iíve watched in the entire previous year. I probably spend upwards of 75% of my waking hours holding the baby, who eats every couple of hours and then sleeps a lot of the rest of the time. The catch is, he mostly likes to sleep curled up on my lap and I know I donít have to indulge him and could put him down more but itís hard to do so when 1) I cannot resist just holding his warm little body and gazing at him like heíll vapourize if I take my eyes off him, and 2) a lot of the time he starts making those little squeaks and whistles of imminent wake-up within minutes of being put down. So yes, I have a Velcro-baby and yes, itís probably my fault, but itís not like this time lasts forever so I canít feel too guilty about making the most of it.

My ass, however, seeks to disagree with the wisdom of this course of action. Itís not only getting numb but is threatening to spread rather than shrink back to itís pre-pregnancy size if I donít get up and off it a bit more often. Problem is, well, I had that whole ďmajor abdominal surgeryĒ thing only two weeks ago so, while my head may be ready for some activity, my belly isnít quite up to the task yet. We went to the Experimental Farm on Monday, for instance, and a couple of hours of nonchalant sauntering between barns and pens really started to get uncomfortable at the incision site. On the plus side, Grommet had a blast and there were three (3!) public nursing sessions with the Biscuit in the time we were there, and they all went relatively smoothly. It helped that it was a Monday so it wasnít totally crowded. Also helpful: the fact that Iíd had lots of practice with Grommet, and Biscuit is a good nurser.

This situation with my ass, by the way, is not helped by the discovery of a new, yummy bakery, Second Avenue Sweets. The chocolate ganache sandwiched between two orange Florentines is not to be missed. Nor are the chocolate pecan-pie squares. Rrrrowr.

So, yeah, Iím trying to cut myself some slack on the whole slacking-off thing. Itís not like I can just hop back into my workout stuff and I have to remember that this inactivity is kind of enforced by circumstances and not by choice. Maybe the food splurges are within my control but really, is it the worst thing in the world to take a few weeks off from the gym AND indulge in some fattening goodness? I say no (but talk to me in another two weeks).

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