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Maternity leave, day one.

2008-05-20 - 8:02 a.m.

I'm up. I'm dressed. I'm downing a smoothie (milk, banana, protein powder, Ovaltine (for the iron and vitamins), and a dash of cinnamon). I have a change of clothes packed. Grommet has already been dropped at daycare by J. I am ready to go.

And where am I going on this first day of mat leave, you might ask?

I'm supposed to be an extra in Zed Filmworks' newest blood 'n gore flick this morning. Lee Demarbre (a local Ottawa boy) is directing and his projects are always a lot of fun - I was an extra in Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter a number of years ago - plus I thought it'd be fun for the Biscuit to have a copy of the DVD when he's older and be able to say "that's me in there!" Hey, some people make belly casts, I immortalize the Belly on slasher celluloid.

I have to admit, I've also been tempted to pose for a life-drawing class. I suspect my time will run out before I get up the nerve for this one though.

Later I'm going to see Iron Man. All-in-all, it'll be a very full day. Tomorrow I'm going to take it easier... yeah right. I've got a friend coming to pick me up for lunch and that means having to tidy up the old abode before he gets here. Maybe the day after that? All I have on the books for that day is going to the pool and that'll only burn up a couple of hours of the day.

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