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2008-05-16 - 5:37 p.m.

Okay, not totally Ė I still have a good few hours left of file-sorting to do, plus Iíve got to pack my personal stuff like course manuals, etc. and will have to go in over the weekend, but Iíve officially worked my last day of work for the next year! Maternity leave, here I come.

Since itís a full two weeks before my c-section (and I refuse to contemplate being any earlier than that), and Grommet will be in daycare for 4 days each of those weeks, I have been rubbing my hands with glee at the prospect of actually having some time to myself before the Biscuit is born. Lord knows itíll be a long, long time before I can actually spend 8 consecutive hours on my own (thanks, in part, to the fact that I plan to breastfeed and anticipate itíll be for about the same amount of time as his sisterÖ about a year and a half at least, unless something happens to truncate that), so Iím going to relish these next couple of weeks.

I foresee matinees in my near future: Iron Man is out, the new Narnia movie starts this weekend, and the new Indiana Jones will be out in another week. Thanks for the timing Hollywood! I plan on doing some personal grooming: I may either cut my hair or get it cut, and I think Iíll be waxing my legs and possibly doing some (warning, TMI!!!) nether-region topiary-ing before going into the hospitalÖ because Iím so sure my (female) obstetrician would notice, much less care, right? Snort.

I also will be doing all the practical stuff like finishing packing for the hospital for myself, Biscuit, and J, and for Grommetís sojourn at her grandparents; getting all the paperwork filled out and stuff sent in to make sure all my HR stuff is covered for my mat leave (I have to file with Service Canada, plus send some extra stuff in to my workís HR department to ensure my benefits keep going.); finish my and Jís taxes (weíre getting refunds so this isnít urgent, but itíd be nice to have it out of the way; go to the Great Glebe Garage Sale, as well as the National Capital Race Weekendís Sports Expo next weekend; go to the rec centerís new salt water pool and bob around like a fishing float; and maybe, just maybe, actually put my feet up and rest from time-to-time so I donít have a repeat of yesterday, i.e., an unplanned visit to the hospital.

Before all this happens, I have family coming in from out of town this weekend to celebrate my motherís birthday, so there will be feasting at both of my sets of parents.

Woo! Let the good times roll!

And at the end of it allÖ a tiny new baby son coming home. And that is the most exciting part of all.

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