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Week 34 1/2 and buying for a teenager.

2008-05-05 - 4:34 p.m.

I know that this subject is getting old, but I really cannot understand why, even when I feel perfectly comfortable eating a normal-sized dinner and not at all over-full when I go to bed, I keep getting woken up at 2:00 am by the sensation of vomiting into the back of my throat. Bleargh!

I try to quell the burning by making a ramp of pillows to prop myself up slightly, and it eventually subsides, but this heartburn totally sucks.

Hey, something else thatís happened both pregnancies but was so minor I forgot to chronicle it last time and, in fact, forgot about until recently when it recurred: I get small twinges of pain in my knees towards the end of my pregnancies. This isnít because of the increased weight or swelling or anything; itís because of constantly having to swivel them outwards to get them out of the way when I try to get up from/get down to the floor or bend over all the way to pick stuff up. And may I just say that I may be clumsy naturally, but I donít think I ever have dropped so many things in such a short a time span as I have this last month. I blame the hormones.

In terms of navel-gazing, my belly button is currently a half-innie/half-outie, for those keeping score at home. Itís kind of like itís a shallow innie thatís got a little round shelf or beak at the top. Iím not sure itíll pop out more, but Iíll keep you posted.


Something not pregnancy-related at all (gasp!): itís my youngest brotherís 16th birthday today! When my other brother turned 16 two years ago he was all about getting a license and learning to drive and getting a car so it was an easy gift to pick for him Ė I got him a first-aid and emergency kit for the car he was getting. (Donít get me started on the fact that my father is providing cars to my brothers, yet when I was a teenager, like, 20 years ago, got nothing of the sort.) This brother, however, has not been so vocal in his yearning for the open road and I donít know what the deal will be in terms of what heíll drive or when heíll get it. So, Iím thinking that I need to get him something else. Heís always a hard kid to buy for, but my stepmother surprised me with the information that apparently heís been into making stirfries lately, so I might go with an Asian cooking theme. Doesnít every 16 year-old boy want Thai curry sauce for his birthday? Or is this the worst idea of all time? You have any better ideas?

Personally, Iím just loving the fact that he actually has an interest outside of videogames and hanging out with his friends for the first time in a long time, and I totally want to encourage this sort of thing.

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