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The weighting game, part deux.

2008-04-28 - 2:17 p.m.

I am kind of absurdly proud that there was no change in my weight from 31 weeks to 33 weeks and, according to ďofficialĒ record, Iíd gained 24 lbs since the beginning of my pregnancy.

According to MDAdvice.com (the best week-by-week info Iíve found, but I like a lot of detail and am not that fond of superficial comparisons of the fetus to various foodstuffs (what is a ďjicamaĒ anyway?)), I should have gained 22 to 28 lbs at this point, so Iím not worried - nor is my doctor who merely asked if Iím ďstill eatingĒ and when I responded in the affirmative she pronounced that ďgood enough for meĒ. My fundus measurement is still increasing, so that means that Biscuit is still growing, and thatís the main thing.

I donít know why Iím proud though; if thereís one time Iím supposed to accept and expect weight gain, itís during pregnancy. It seems kind of sick, actually, to be so influenced by societyís ďthinner is betterĒ idea that even in pregnancy I feel pride in proclaiming that Iím on the lower end of the recommended-weight-gain guidelines. Seriously, I mentally preen when people tell me how good I look, how Iím ďglowingĒ, how I look like I feel good, how Iím smaller than I was last time (true, but this time Iím not (yet) dealing with pre-eclampsia (knock wood)), and how Iím ďall bellyĒ rather than gaining weight everywhere. Itís just not right. Nor is the defensiveness that I find manifests itself the few times people comment on how big Iím getting, or on how big I was last time (when I did retain a lot of water and swelled up like a balloon Ė look, I just defended myself again! You SEE?). And I certainly canít claim Iím not eating what I want, when I want. The only thing Iím not doing is eating as much as I want, but I canít exactly praise my restraint since the controlling factor there is how much room I have in my poor squished stomach, and what the tipping point is before Iím in major heartburn territory.

Speaking of heartburn, on my doctorís advice Iím taking a dose of Eno before bedtime. Itís totally gross Ė like drinking fizzy salt water Ė and, because of its sodium content, Iím not convinced itís the best solution if I do start to retain water. But at least Iím not waking up at 2 am with the sour taste of dinner in the back of my throat and searching for Tums to chew and extra pillows with which to prop myself up.

In other Belly-related news: Iíve finally taken a few pictures for posterity. Not one of them is the picture, but at least this poor pregnancy hasnít gone entirely neglected in terms of photographic evidence. I have a couple of ideas for other pictures, so as long as I manage to remain stretchmark-free I still have a small window in which I can take them.

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