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Preparing for baby #2.

2008-04-23 - 9:39 a.m.

I am contemplating a couple of purchases within the not-too-distant future, and one of these is a camcorder of some sort. Our regular point-‘n-shoot camera will record snippets of video and we’ve used this feature a couple of times to capture some very precious moments. I wonder if we’re not missing out by not keeping more of these times for posterity? Grommet still makes the most adorable chuckle when she’s handed something she really likes, but who knows how long that will last? Already gone unrecorded was the phase where she couldn’t say “uncle” so Bob was “Apple Bob”. Will we wish that we had more footage of these sorts of things later on? Will we wish we’d caught the action of the first time Biscuit dipped his toes in the pool or tasted a pickle? Or do we risk morphing into those parents that kids remember as kind of Locutus-like, i.e., one eye seemingly permanently replaced by a camera lens?

Another thing I’m seriously thinking about getting is a Safety Turtle. Our first summer with the pool is on the verge of starting, and I get concerned about Grommet and her love for it. She’s definitely drawn to the water, even if she hates getting her face wet. Obviously we have no intention of leaving her unsupervised in the backyard, even when she’s on the none-pool side of the fence that divides it, but I think I just might feel better to have a back-up system in place nonetheless. I’m a great one for intense concentration, but I am absolutely lousy at multi-tasking, so I often lack those back-of-the-head, extra set of eyes a lot of moms seem to have.

Can anyone tell me though, why the base and wrist-band cost $199 at Canadian Tire but $267 direct from the company that makes them? I would have thought it’d be cheaper to eliminate the middle-man.

And last-but-not-least, I’ve got to start thinking about purchases for the Biscuit. I think I’m pretty good for clothes and for things like receiving blankets, though I want a fresh pack or two of washcloths since the ones we have are pretty stained at this point. I’m keeping an eye on the local classifieds for a Bumbo chair and tray because Grommet has always gotten a huge kick out of them whenever we’ve been visiting a place that had one, but I think their price new is a bit outrageous. I’ve bought a lovely sage-and-black Moby D wrap (though I also love the blue-and-black one and may yet exchange it) to allow my hands to be free more than they were with Grommet (whom I spent, literally, hours just holding on the couch when it was just the two of us in the early days). And I’ve picked up another nursing bra and nursing T-shirt, since I found that I really could have used another of each last time.

I’m also considering getting a decent battery-operated pump and giving Biscuit a bottle on a regular basis once good breast-feeding has been established. This would mean that Grommet and J could be at least a little involved in feeding the new baby, and could free me up to drool into a pillow have some “me” time from time-to-time.

My biggest concern involves sleeping arrangements. Last time I just camped on the couch downstairs, with Grommet in a cradle beside me. This worked okay since it meant not having to go up and down the stairs a lot with a fresh c-section, J could get some sleep at night, and I had the back support to nurse right there when I swung my legs down, as opposed to being in a bed and having to sit up and then shuffle painfully to a chair. But it turned out that Grommet slept a lot better when she slept with me, and I liked having her there to nurse right in bed, so we ended up co-sleeping back in bed after a couple of weeks.

This time, however, I also have to take the night-time needs of my toddler into account, and she’s gotten really good about sleeping in her own bed at night, but likes to know that her dad and/or I are still “right down the hall” once she’s gone to bed. Sleeping downstairs – which would put me conveniently on the same level as the kitchen – probably won’t be as feasible this time. Besides, Grommet may sleep on her own at night but she and I both really love starting our day with her coming into the “big bed” for a cuddle and perhaps a bit of an extra snooze if she gets there early. Unfortunately, “her” space is the one that a co-sleeping baby would occupy, and besides, there’s just not room for all four of us in the bed. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for an Arm’s Reach Co-sleeper (kind of like a side-car for your bed), but they’re very expensive new, plus hard to come by in Canada. I don’t think there’s a single place that even sells them in Ottawa. I may have a line on a second-hand one, so fingers crossed that that pans out (no hard feelings though if it doesn’t – you know who you are).

What am I missing? I’ll have to resurrect my Excel spreadsheet that listed everything I bought last time to see if I’ve got any gaps or things that I left off, and if I can improve on it. Let me know if you think of anything I should add now that I’ve already got a child who will need my attention too.

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