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To my credit.

2008-04-21 - 4:35 p.m.

What a pain in the butt – I have been assigned a new credit card number because they (the credit card company) have “noticed unusual activity” on my account. I checked and there have been no strange transactions, so I called the company. The rep told me that there’s the possibility my information has been compromised so they don’t want to take any chances that fraud will occur and have issued me the new card – with the new card number – as sort of a pre-emptive strike.

Now I wouldn’t normally care that much, but the fact is that I had my credit card number memorized: a fact which has come in incredibly handy over the years. I also have to re-register for online access to my new card. As well, I have a couple of things which are charged automatically to my credit card on a regular cycle, so I’ll have to update those companies with my new information. Let’s hope none of them were the source of the possible leak.

On top of this, I had been expecting a new card with the old number because this one expires at the end of May. I would have thought that that would mean that any new card would expire later, but nooooo, this one expires at the same time and will have to be replaced within the next few weeks too.

I know that this is all relatively minor stuff and I should be grateful that it didn’t get to a point where I had fraudulent activity showing up on my account, whereupon I’d have had to deal with replacing my card with one with a new number anyway, AND possibly fighting to have all the bogus charges straightened out. Still, I’d like to get my hands on whoever was responsible for potentially leaking my credit card information in the first place.

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