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31 weeks and family visits.

2008-04-14 - 10:25 a.m.

I had my 31-week obstetrician appointment Friday and since I’ve now gained a total of 24 pounds I am, according to the MDAdvice.com site, smack dab in the middle of the range of where I should be. The only tarnish on this is the fact that I passed my husband’s weight by ½ a pound. The nurse told him he can weigh himself on subsequent visits if he wants, but he’s not allowed to tell me his weight any more from this point onwards.

It was an incredibly uneventful visit – probably the shortest I’ve ever had – but, as my doctor said, “boring is good” when it comes to these sorts of things. Drama doesn’t generally bode well for a pregnancy.

They did a urine dip since I’m almost at the point where my blood pressure skyrocketed last time, but it was thankfully negative for protein and my glucose tolerance and CBC results came back as normal. My wedding ring was bit tight last night but it seems to be okay today. I blame it on the fact that we made the 3 ½ hour drive both to and from J’s sister’s family’s place for a visit yesterday.

I have to say, it was so nice to be in a child-friendly environment with playmates Grommet’s age to keep her company. For lengthy stretches at a time the adults could sit at the kitchen table and chat while all three kids played relatively peacefully in the adjoining family room. I’m hoping this was kind of a glimpse of what it might be like to have more than one child in the house, once Biscuit gets a little older and capable of interactive play.

I really wish that my sister in-law lived closer. For one thing, we’d probably have a chance to actually get to know each other and grow more comfortable with each other (currently the fact that we’re very different makes it not that easy, yet I know she’s a sweet and well-intentioned person so surely we’d actually bond a bit with more exposure). For another, it’s great to see the cousins playing together. And with the Biscuit coming, there’s going to be one more to add to the mix… and they told us yesterday that they’re expecting to have another this December (!), so that means we’ll have two sets of kids born the same year: Grommet and their second, and Biscuit and their third.

While I don’t actually “hope” that this next child of theirs will be one sex over the other (blah, blah, “so long as it’s healthy”), I would like to merely observe that I think it would be nice if there was one other boy added to the mix so Biscuit wouldn’t be so vastly outnumbered at family gatherings (currently he’ll be the only one with external plumbing). But girls, as I already know, do rock, so whatev’. My biggest hope for them actually (beside the overall healthy thing) is that this one not have a serious food allergy, or at the very least has a repeat of allergies their household already deals with so they don’t have to add anything else to their watchlist. My oldest niece has a deadly allergy to both peanuts and tree nuts, while the younger cannot eat dairy or eggs. It makes for a lot of work and worry for my sister in-law for sure, and these are just the allergies they know about – the nut-phobe has been having a lot of issues with quite major eczema on her hands, wrists and face lately (major as in requiring regular small doses of Benadryl) and they don’t know if it’s possibly diet- or product-related. I would guess that it maybe has something to do with either washing or a product of some sort, only because it’s localized where it is, rather than all-over, but really, what do I know?

Anyone out there an expert on this sort of stuff?

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