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Burn, baby (heart)burn.

2008-04-07 - 4:13 p.m.

Throughout both my pregnancies Iíve suffered on-and-off heartburn and recent weeks have been no exception. I donít know what growth patterns other peopleís bellies/babies follow, but, as Iíve mentioned before, mine seem to grow upwards for awhile, crowding my stomach and lungs, then my lower abs let out a little and my uterus sinks down and outwards a bit, giving me some more breathing room and allowing me to eat normal-sized meals for awhile. All too soon though, Iím getting crowded again. Today I had a small muffin for breakfast and really felt it for a couple of hours afterwards. Stupid me didnít heed the warning though, and I got a mildly spicy sauce on my sub at lunch and the very first bite ignited a small, burning pit in my stomach which could only be quenched with a glass of milk. The night before last I was rudely awakened in the middle of the night by the sensation of throwing up at the back of my throat, just a little. That is never a good way to wake up.

Interestingly, the entry linked above was from when I was 28 Ĺ weeks pregnant with Grommet, so things are happening at almost identical times this time. For that matter, Iíve been kind of surprised at how similar these pregnancies have been. Oh, there have been some minor differences (such as I got both a couple of headaches and a cold this time, but was plague-free last time; I felt Biscuitís movement later because the placenta is at the front this time) but everyone, including the nurse at my obstetricianís, told me that Iíd see some major differences this round, at least in the way I gained weight and changed shape. I was totally expecting my lower abs to give up the ghost earlier this time and the Biscuit to either form a triangle with my lower belly as the apex, or at least start protruding from the bottom up, much like one of those skinny balloons that pops out in one place and then the popped-out part just kind of ďslidesĒ up the rest of the balloon, yíknow what I mean? I was also told to expect to gain more weight and to gain it earlier this time. So far, as you know, that hasnít been true either. Iíll be weighed at my next doctorís visit this Friday, but I suspect Iíll still be a couple of pounds shy of what I was at the same point last time.

In looking at the pic J took of me on our way out the door to go to the hospital to have Grommet, I donít think Iíll be changing drastically from now until the end, barring anything unforeseen of course. My belly has reached the same sort of half-circle shape (everything that stretches from my ribs to my pelvis, i.e., everything thatís not held in by bone now curves outwards) so the increasing size of the Biscuit will mean that the circumference of that circle will get bigger, but other than that I donít anticipate a lot of change. Iím more like a fruit thatís almost reached itís full size will do more ripening than growing at this point. I donít mean I wonít get bigger or heavier at all, but some of that will go into getting denser in that a lot of the expansion will mean packing my internal organs ever more tightly together, and the surface will start to feel harder, like a ball being inflated with more air.

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