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Stupid yoga.

2008-04-03 - 3:26 p.m.

I have a confession: I hate yoga, which is probably a weird thing for someone who has been taking it for NINE YEARS to say.

Okay, I donít hate it all the time, but the fact is that I hate yoga when Iím pregnant. Even prenatal yoga, though in a different way than regular, non-prenatal yoga. You see, I know that Iím supposed to be relaxing and recharging and thinking about peace in the universe and stuff, but instead I spend pretty much the whole class seething in resentment.

Canít the instructor see that Iím pregnant? I think, How DARE he or she suggest a pregnant person do something so uncomfortable? And why am I not being given options or alternate moves for this one, which I CLEARLY cannot do. Bring my ribs to my knees and tuck my hands under my feet, my A$$! My ribs will be nowhere near my knees so long as thereís a GIANT BELLY in the way!

So yes, I spend a lot of my time feeling like my belly is cumbersome and getting unhealthily squashed. As I get bigger, more and more I find I have to modify certain poses through my own experience and inventiveness, because waiting for an instructor to actually instruct me will leave me sitting cross-legged for a lot of the class. And, of course, I try not to notice people looking at me, the manatee amongst the sea otters, with curiosity.

Yet, even though it irks me to be put through my paces in a regular class, if itís a prenatal class it bugs me that I donít feel like I got much of a workout.

And can I just say that I am sick to death of a certain instructor asking, mid-class, personal questions and how far along I am, only to inevitably respond that, really? She thought I was SO MUCH CLOSER TO MY DUE DATE THAN THAT! My response is generally to smile tightly and say how good it is to know that I look even huger than I feel. So far I donít think sheís noticed that that actually means Iím not thrilled with her comments. Címon lady, give me a break here. Iím well within the recommended weight gain guidelines for this point in my pregnancy.

So why do I do it? Well, Iím not a huge fan of cauliflower or Brussels sprouts either, but I dutifully put some on my plate at the buffet of my favourite vegetarian restaurant because theyíre good for me. Yoga is the same right now: itís good for me so Iím going to keep doing it for as long as I have the opportunity during this pregnancy. Itís at lunch time twice a week at my work, so itís not hard to fit into my schedule (unlike the gym). And last time I was pregnant, as evidenced in this journal, I had to stop exerting myself when I started to develop pre-eclampsia symptoms at about 33 weeks, and Iíve always wondered if this was related to the fact that Iíd stopped teaching at the gym a couple of weeks before that. Iím at 30 weeks tomorrow and in the last couple of days have noticed my rings starting to get tighter, so I figure if I can stave off any problems with exercise I should do so. And if I canít stave them off and am forced into inactivity, at least it means that my inactive period will be shorter.

So, for now, itíll be off to yoga I go.

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