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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas?

2008-03-31 - 11:14 a.m.

ďMarch comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb.Ē This is indeed true: just like a lamb, all the world is being gently covered in a fuzzy white coat today, as fat white flakes drift down from the sky to blanket everything. I donít think weíll break the record for snowfall in a single Ottawa winter this year, but weíre sure giving it a run for itís money. Like most people Ďround here though, I donít mind settling for the silver medal on this one. I am so tired of the seemingly never-ending snow!

ďApril showers bring May flowers.Ē Tomorrow we are supposed to get rain all day and a high of 11 degrees C. Coincidence? Mmm? I hope the latter part of that saying is also accurateÖ

Ye gods, I am talking about the weather, people! I know itís a stereotypical Canadian thing, but hardly the stuff of riveting reading. On to my much-more-interesting navel-gazingÖ


I meant that literally, actually. I may weigh a shade less than I did at this point during my last pregnancy, but I think my belly button is shallower than it was at this point last time. Iím not positive but, since I still have 2 months to go, I suspect it might even pop out this time. Last time, I suspected the same thing, but it never fully popped out, but rather kind of started to from the edges inward, resulting in what looked like a tiny doughnut sitting on my belly during the last couple of weeks of my pregnancy.


On my way in to teach my last class at they gym on Saturday morning, I had to, as usual, haul all my gym stuff (including shower supplies and a fresh change of clothes), plus Grommetís diaper bag, plus Grommet herself, up to the gymís childminding area. Perhaps it will not surprise anyone to hear that by the time I made it from the parking lot and halfway up the long flight of stairs to the second floor I was puffing a little. Grommet looked at me from her perch in my arms, then started puffing along with me. This, of course, set me to giggling, which made me even more breathless, which caused her to puff even louder along with me, which, of course, set us both to giggling even more. Thatís right, my child was mocking me, and all I could do was laugh. I suspect this will not be the last time I am mocked by my offspring. Letís hope itís as funny to me in the future.


When I was pregnant with Grommet, it was at 33 weeks that I started to notice I was swelling up, though I was still cheerfully ignorant that my symptoms were at all beyond the range of what I could expect from being pregnant in general, and that anything might actually be wrong. It was at my appointment a couple of days later that I found out that, in fact, I was starting to slide into pre-eclampsia territory. As Iím going to hit 30 weeks this week, Iím more and more aware on the alert for similar symptoms (especially the swelling up, since I canít know about the blood pressure, etc. without a monitor). My next appointment is in just under 2 weeks (April 11th Ė 31 weeks on the nose) and I think at that point Iíll ask the OB to start doing the urine dips to check for protein. Even if itís negative, at least Iíll have that baseline so Iíll know when and if things do start to go south. Iíd love to think that I wonít get pre-eclampsia this time, but I am a bit paranoid about it Ė understandably so, I think.

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