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The weighting game.

2008-03-26 - 4:56 p.m.

According to the scale at my gym, Iíve gained 20 Ĺ pounds so far this pregnancy. Since Iíll be 29 weeks the day after tomorrow, I think thatís pretty good, and less than Iíd gained at this point in my pregnancy last time (though not far off). By the third trimester last time I was on a perfect track to gain the max recommended 35 lbs by the end of 40 weeks, if I gained the projected 1-pound-a-week until the end. (Quick math: this means that Iíd gained 24 lbs by this point last time.)

Now, this weight-gain arc was seriously thrown when I got the first symptoms of pre-eclampsia and blew up like a balloon, gaining 9 lbs within a week, simultaneously losing my ability to wear my shoes, my watch, and my wedding ring. It all evened out after that initial swelling though, and I think I plateaued and ended up gaining the 35 lbs in the end.

Now hereís the ďbadĒ news: according to this particular scale, Iíve not actually had much of a net gain in my weight to speak of in the last 4 weeks. When I was sick I actually lost a couple of pounds, and have since gained them back. At any other time in my life Iíd be thrilled to lose a couple of pounds. ďSure, I was sick as a dog for a couple of weeks,Ē Iíd think, ďbut at least I lost some weight! Woo hoo!Ē Now that Iím supposed to be gaining weight, itís not panic-inducing to not do so for a couple of weeks, but itís not looked upon with the same elation. To my credit though, even though I couldnít taste anything and wasnít generally hungry, I made sure I at least ate something three times a day and that the ďsomethingĒ was usually healthy.

Oh well, I guess Iíll just have to force myself to eat more if my obstetrician raises it as a point of concern. And I can tell you right now that Ill be making an effort to drink more to try to combat my chronic dehydration tendencies. In the meantime, Biscuit is kicking up a storm several times a day, so Iím not too worried.

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