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I hope bad things don't really come in threes.

2008-03-12 - 11:08 a.m.

Yes, Iím still sick, and about a quarter of my face is numb, thanks to the dental anaesthetic I got this morning that hasnít worn off yet.

Whatís that? Why would I need to have my face frozen? Because having a miserable frigginí cold wasnít enough for me Ė I had to go and break a tooth yesterday. Believe it or not, I was almost through the left over Swiss Chalet chicken. I was this close to getting off scott free when it happened: a very small piece of bone snuck in unnoticed and when I bit down on it full-force, well, there was simultaneously a sickening crack and small bolt of pain and further quick investigation revealed that Iíd managed to break off one of the points of my molars.

It could have been far worse Ė the tooth could have broken down the middle and the nerve could have been exposed Ė but as it was I still needed an emergency dental appointment today to repair the damage. It was mildly sensitive but the real problem is that the razor-sharp edges of the break were gouging the edge of my tongue whenever I spoke, ate or drank.

So yeah, I know that pregnant women are supposed to avoid unnecessary interventions like dental repairs, but the key word there is ďunnecessaryĒ so I hied off to the dentist post-haste this morning. Iím not really looking forward to the return of sensation, and in fact snuck in a quick breakfast of soft things right after my repair work was done, just in case itís painful to eat for awhile.

You know, itís funny but, in the past, being sick has had this weird sort of silver lining in that I may feel like crap, but at least I usually lost a little weight. Being sick while pregnant has posed a new and unexpected set of challenges in that I canít exactly afford to skip meals just because Iím not hungry. My biggest concern this past week hasnít been how bad I was feeling, but whether or not Biscuit was being affected by my illness. I have to confess that I still havenít eaten what I probably should have been eating, given that Iím six months pregnant, but Iíve forced myself to eat more than I really wanted to and have probably managed to at least get down 3 smallish meals a day, including some protein and some fruit. Breaking this tooth hasnít exactly helped me want to eat much more than the minimum, yíknow?

Oh well, hopefully Iíll be back to stuffing my face in no timeÖ

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