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We've set a date!

2008-03-08 - 11:41 a.m.

We have a date! The Biscuit is scheduled to arrive by c-section on the morning on June the 3rd! This is not a guarantee that circumstances wonít force our hand any earlier (Grommet was a full two weeks early because of complications, after all, and this date is only a week and a half before my natural due date), but at the very latest heíll be here June 3rd.

How exciting is that?

Youíll note, perhaps, that today is March 8th? (And still snowing to beat the band, I might add.) This means weíll have our little boy in less than three months! Itís kind of bizarre to think about, really, especially since weíll be getting into the throes of the hot weather by then, and itís not that far away, yet weíre expecting a total of about half a meter of snow this weekend. For those that arenít metric, that is an ton of snow.

On less cheerful fronts, the entire family has been struck down by some kind of bug and, because of my pregnancy, poor J has had the majority of the burden fall on him, despite the fact that he too is sick. Mine started with a burning sensation in my lungs a few days ago and itís crept upwards and become a full-blown head cold at this point. Grommet, poor thing, has a fever and has been up frequently throughout the night. Sheís thrown up a few times too, the first of which was a spectacular blowout right after J took her to breakfast yesterday, which necessitated a full-scale cleanup of her car seat, snow suit, etc. On the plus side we administered some childrenís Tylenol about an hour ago and sheís perked up quite a bit, to the point that sheís now cheerfully munching on some Cheerios mixed with a little milk. Yes, I know milk isnít the easiest thing to digest, but we only put in just enough one percent (she normally gets organic whole milk) to wet the cereal down and sheís really enjoying it.

I even got a substitute to teach my class this morning, so you know Iím feeling pretty yucky.

One thing about this cold is that I havenít really been up to eating much for the last couple of days: every time I eat even close to a normal portion and then lie down, the food tries to crawl back up my esophagus, which, as Iím sure you can imagine, is kind of uncomfortable. This is kind of a double-edged sword Ė it means that Iím less tempted to overindulge and cram everything I see into my gaping maw, so Iím less likely to totally blow my weight-limit goal for this pregnancy. On the other hand, I worry about not taking in enough food Ė particularly the right kind of food Ė to keep the Biscuit thriving. When Iím sick Iím all about the comfort food and for me that means things like apple juice, toast, tea, pumpkin chocolate chip muffinsÖ you know, liquids and carbs. Iím not really in the mood for the proteins and veggies. Mind you, Iím also less tempted to eat true junk food, since I canít taste it anyway.

Anyway, this entry probably reflects my bug-like attention span when Iím sick, so Iím going to get while the gettingís goodÖ

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