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Early morning brilliance. Not.

2008-02-25 - 9:20 a.m.

Sorry if Iím getting all TMI on you, but I wanted to give people a reason to laugh (even if itís at me) on a Monday morningÖ

The slightly greater delicacy of the nasal membranes brought on by pregnancy, and the dry winter air have conspired to make my heart skip a beat on a lot of recent mornings. Unlike most pregnant women, I donít always get up during the night to pee, however, like pretty much everyone, I do at least pee when I wake up in the morning. And with the elevated tendency to get stuffed up brought on by pregnancy, itís not unusual in the morning lately for me to blow my nose while thereís a suitable paper product right there.

Given how dry itís been (and man am I ever ready for this winter to end, and yet thereís another 10-15 cm of snow expected tonight), most mornings the, er, stuff I expel from my nose (la dee dah, apparently I think ďsnotĒ is a crude word) is at least pink-tinged, if not downright bloody.

Naturally, I just drop it in the most convenient disposal place at hand, i.e., the throne that Iím sitting on. And yet, when I stand up mere seconds later, if I happen to glance down when I reach back to flush, I invariably experience a micro-second of panic to see a glob of blood in the bowl.

Now, it does only take me that instant to remind myself that itís from my nose and not any sort of sign that anythingís wrong with the pregnancy, but still, youíd think it wouldnít catch me off-guard every frickiní time.

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