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2008-02-22 - 10:45 a.m.

Why is it I can remember a dream I had about visiting Zoot a few nights ago*, but not the brilliant entry Iíd partially composed in my head while awake yesterday?

(* If you must know: My family was visiting her and her husband and we were trading/borrowing clothes for ourselves and our kids, then we went for a walk down the street and came across these cool Roman bath ruins that were still partially in operation and everyone was allowed to splash around in the pools and fountains. My husband and I decided that we should move thereÖ because all you need is to have one set of friends and a fountain to splash in to make things perfect? I donít know, it was a dream which Iíd wager dollars to donuts was at least partially brought on by the fact that Iím in the middle of reading The Dirt on Clean: An Unsanitized History).


Iím at 24 weeks today and thereís something satisfying about that nice round, two-dozen number. According to one site Iíve read itís the start of the third trimester, but most other sites say I have another 3 or 4 weeks to go.


Operation get-Grommet-to-fall-sleep-on-her-own is progressing and, while itís not any shorter a routine and still takes up the evening, Iím now at the point where Iím lying down with my feet out the doorway while she falls asleep in her bed. The critical point will come, Iím guessing, when my head is no longer visible. If she can get over that hump then the routine will automatically shorten, as thatís the point that I wonít have to actually physically be in evidence and that half-hour plus of waiting for her to settle and nod off can be cut off the bedtime routine.

Man, that will be sweet. Letís hope it happens well before it becomes too uncomfortable to settle my whale-like carcass down on the floor to wait her out.


There are two events Iíd like to go to this weekend that Iím almost sure Iíll have to take a pass on due to lack of babysitting/free time: one is a performance of the Vagina Monologues, and the other is the Ottawa premiere of The Dead Sleep Easy. The latter was done by the same crew that did Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter, which, if you can get past the whole religious-reservations thing (which some people understandably can't), is low-budget camp at itís best. Plus, I know the writer and the director of both films and theyíre great guys. As an added bonus, if you watch the opening of the musical number in JCVH and keep your eyes on the crowd for a chick in orange pants, youíll see a younger, thinner, blonder, non-pregnant version of me. Sadly, the Mexican shooting location of The Dead Sleep Easy precluded me being an extra in this one.


Tomorrow we're going to my mom's for dinner - here's hoping for another impromptu sleepover!

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