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And I almost never buy books...

2008-02-20 - 10:23 a.m.

Yesterday I ordered Rob Rummel-Hudsonís book Schuylerís Monster: A Fatherís Journey With His Wordless Daughter. Iíve been reading Robís online writing since he was nominated for a Diarist award (you have to be old skool to remember those) for an entry he wrote about his toddler daughter puking. It was a funny entry, and predated the discovery of the fact that Schuyler suffers from a rare neurological disorder called bilateral perisylvian polymicrogyria, which leaves her unable to speak. The fact that Schuyler is now eight years old and Iím still reading is a testament to Robís writing. Yes, fate has handed him an unusual subject to write about, but different subject matter alone would not be enough to keep me coming back week after week for so long. As soon as I read he was writing a book I planned to buy it Ė not just to ensure that some money ended up in his hands as payment for all those years of reading his work for free, but because he is a genuinely good writer and I know Iíll enjoy his book.

Since I was ordering books online anyway, I was inspired by a session I went to on healthy food for kids yesterday and decided to grab a copy of Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food. It was on sale online and Iíd been thinking for awhile itíd be a good book to have. Iíve been agonizing over how to get enough fruits and veggies into Grommet Ė heck, Iíve been occasionally agonizing over how to get enough food into her Ė and Iím hoping to add to my repertoire of recipes that sheíll deign to eat. Unlike most kids, Grommet definitely gets taste fatigue after a couple of meals of the same thing, and there is NOTHING that sheís always guaranteed to eat, so I canít rely solely on hiding veggies in pasta sauce. Plus, J has taken over a lot of the weeknight cooking (can I get an Amen over here? And perhaps also a chorus of ďyouíre so luckyĒ?) and there should be some stuff in there thatíll appeal to him to cook.

I think a lot of the contents might be better for Grommet and Biscuit when theyíre a bit older (Grommet wonít readily accept mixed textures just yet), but Iím betting itíll still be good to have it on hand as time goes by. Plus, if thereís food being cooked with more nutritional value, the whole household will benefit, not just the junior members.

In order to qualify for the free shipping, I needed to add something that was only a couple of bucksÖ so I was thrilled to find that Chapters Indigo online sells tub crayons! You might be thinking that thatís no big whoop because you are positively inundated with places you can buy these suckers, but believe you me, they are hard to come by in an actual store in Ottawa. Since they combine two of her favourite things (colouring and the bath) Iím betting Grommet will love them.

So yeah, I dropped some not-strictly-necessary money online yesterday, but Iím mighty pleased with myself nonetheless. I canít wait to get it all in the mail!

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