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Punctuation; priority perching.

2008-02-19 - 11:29 a.m.

A work colleague sent me this link to a NY times story on the semicolon. Clearly my reputation as a picky punctuation person is spreading.


Iíll be 24 weeks as of this Friday and, according to some sites, officially entering the 3rd trimester of this pregnancy (others say itís a little later). Iím still teaching at the gym until the end of March, but then Iíll be going on maternity leave from that job at that point. I figure, I donít mind the thought of working out during the last couple of months of the pregnancy, but I might mind having to work out on a schedule thatís imposed on me. Besides, given the complications that set in at the 7-month mark last time, Iím just as well off not committing to a heavy workout a couple of times a week at that point. Iíve started yoga once or twice a week, and if things go well I expect to continue it until I leave my office job in mid-May.

Iíve reached the point now that I ask for a seat on the bus out to my Ďburb in the evenings. Itís a minimum 45-minute trip (and thatís if I get a particularly speedy express bus Ė it can take well upwards of an hour) and I just find it too much of a pain to stand the whole time. Even though I could definitely do it, I still canít help but feel a simmering resentment towards the able-bodied people studiously avoiding looking up from their books while ensconced in priority seating. To be fair though, when I have asked Ė carefully looking at the ceiling so as not to make any one person feel targeted Ė people have always jumped up cheerfully and offered me a spot. Plus, itís hard to tell when anyoneís pregnant in the winter up here, given all the layers we have to wear to combat the cold. I must be getting bigger though: yesterday was the first time a person offered me a seat without anything being said aloud about my being pregnant.

Last time I gave birth in January, so even a week before going on maternity leave people couldnít tell. This time the weather warming up, allowing lighter coats and sweaters to be worn, will coincide with getting pretty huge, so I expect to almost never have to actually verbally request a seat by the 8-month markÖ which seems to be coming up fast!

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