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2008-01-25 - 10:24 a.m.

I wrote the following on Monday evening, intending to post on Tuesday, but then was unexpectedly out on Tuesday, and had off-site training Wednesday and Thursday, so this is the first chance Iíve had to post itÖ.

Coming back to winter has been particularly brutal this time. After a week of being enveloped in warm, sultry air, the dry cold here in the Great White North took an almost-immediate toll on me. Within 12 hours of landing on the frozen tarmac I had several patches of skin on my face that were dry enough to require the liberal application of a heavy-duty moisturizer, on top of my usual overall-coverage moisturizer. After every shower I have to apply my face stuff, oil my belly, and body-butter my legs and arms.

On top of this Iíve suffered minor nosebleeds a couple of times in the last few days. I know this is partly due to the fact that pregnant women are more susceptible to such things, but itís the first time itís happened and I canít be convinced itís a coincidence.

Why do I live here again?


I am SO looking forward to the ultrasound Iíve got booked for this Friday. In addition to the chance to check on the Biscuit in general, Iím hoping to find out whether weíre expecting a boy or a girl (previous ultrasounds have already eliminated ďkittenĒ from the possibilities). I have to admit too, Iíd like some reassurance that all is well. Last pregnancy Iíd gotten some good thumps starting at 17 Ĺ week and by this time they were even visible and ďfeelableĒ from the outside. This time Iíve only had a few vague squirmings most days in the last week or so, some days none at all, and Iím at 19 Ĺ weeks and thought I was supposed to feel movement earlier with my second pregnancy. Do I have a weakling in there? Is something wrong? Or is it something innocent like the placement of the placenta blocking the karate chops? Bring on the grainy grey images!


Iím a little bummed. My work is having a going-away lunch for three of my about-to-be-former colleagues and they waited for me to come back from vacation so I could be thereÖ but failed to check my availability and scheduled it for Wednesday when Iím off-site on a training course. Not only do I miss out on the goodbyes and the camaraderie and team-building of a group outing, but I miss out on the yummy Thai food that will be consumed. Phooey!


Okay, on to a more current part of this entry: I'm 20 weeks today and the ultrasound is at 3:00 pm EST. That means I may know the Biscuitís sex in just over 5 hours! I hope the wee beggar cooperates. Any guesses out there? I can tell you that, still, everybody thatís guessed in person so far has guessed ďgirlĒ but I have an innate feeling of ďboyĒ. I think this may be in part due to the fact that this pregnancy is not quite the same as the last, though I know intellectually that that doesnít mean anything. For instance, my lactose intolerance didnít disappear with this pregnancy, Iíve been more prone to headaches, and Iím feeling a lot less activity and not leaking any colostrum yet (the last two of which I experience from 17 Ĺ weeks onward the first time with Grommet). Bear in mind that Iíve been wrong 100% of the time when guessing the sex of other peopleís babiesÖ.

Feel free to post a guess in the comments section. Last chance (hopefully)Ö

In other Belly-watch news, I can once again officially confirm that my belly button does have a bottom. You see, normally my navel is so deep that it seems to just end in a fold where it collapses in on itself. No longer. The growing Biscuit has officially pushed the bottom of my belly button up and the skin of my belly out enough that I can once again see the bottom. Itís a weird feeling, to be able to see and even touch the soft skin of the inside of my belly button.

Still no big kicks since I wrote the paragraph above. By this time last time with Grommet, I was getting some good, solid kicks and flutters. I remember thinking it was like the baby had swam from the back to the front of my huge pool of a uterus, then did a tuck Ďn roll turn once she reached to front, only to head back into the murky depths. A sugary donut could reliably be used to start my internal Riverdance entertainment. In contrast, this time I get a few gentle wiggles and nudges throughout the day from the Biscuit just as gentle reminders that he or she is there and alive, but nothing strong or reliable. I guess Iím not really worried about whether or not the Biscuit is viable, but Iím kind of worried that there might be something wrong that might be making the Biscuit kind of, well, feeble. Iím clinging to the reminder that not all pregnancies are the same, and who knows? Maybe after my c-section Iím not as sensitive to kicks now? I still have a band just below the scar where I donít really feel much as a result of the nerves being severed.

Iíll definitely post before the end of the weekend if I have news of any sort from the ultrasound. Otherwise, assume everythingís fine and we couldnít determine the boy- or girl-ness of the Biscuit. Weíre celebrating Grommetís second birthday (!!) (which was yesterday) at the two sets of grandparents on Friday and Sunday, and Iíve got a date with a man who isnít J on Saturday, oh my!

(Settle down, itís with my father, who needs an escort to a Robbie Burns celebration.)

(Still, admit it, for a split second, I had you going, ďWhat the heck?!?Ē)

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