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2007-12-24 - 10:33 a.m.

Christmas Eve. So far this feels like a typical day in the office. Because Christmas Eve falls on a Monday this year, most of the seasonal celebrations at work finished last week, in deference to the number of people already scattered to various family celebrations today. As a result, thereís a skeleton crew here with their noses to the grindstone. I stopped on the way to work to have some blood drawn at the hospital clinic for the last part of the integrated prenatal screening (making this, as I think Iíve mentioned, the third Christmas Eve in a row Iíve been at, though fortunately not in, the hospital), and Iíve popped onto other floors to wish former co-workers a festive holiday. I also grabbed a box of 40 Timbits (doughnut holes, for you non-Canucks) to bring back to my floor, in hopes that the sugar might perk the serious faces around here up a bit.

In a couple of hours Iím off and the orgy of eating begins. Iíll head home to join up with J and Grommet and trek out to my motherís where my grandmother, my sister, and her husband are already ensconced after their respective trips from Montreal and Toronto. Weíll no doubt nibble through the afternoon until itís time for the Big Bird. My little family is going home to sleep, then returning to my Momís for gift-opening and brunch in the morning. After that my sister and I and our entourage will be heading to my Dadís for Christmas dinner, and from thence all returning to sleep at my place.

Life will be pretty much back to normal after my sister leaves on Boxing Day, though will pick up again when my sister in-law and her brood come to stay for a few days starting Friday. On Thursday I even have most of the day to myself, since Grommet will be going to daycare and J will be working. I have a massage booked for mid-afternoon, but will spend a scintillating morning organizing all our household expenses for tax purposes. Any free downtime I have, however, will be spent reading, since I am finally picking up the last Harry Potter book from the library before I head home today, yay!

Posting may be sporadic this week; I may feel a dire need to relay a colourful, relative-related story (i.e. let off some steam), or it may be a delightful, low key family gathering with everyone loving each other and linking arms to sing kubaya, which would be terribly boring to write and read about. Will I be compelled to post? Will I breathe a sigh of relief and take a break? Weíll see which circumstances prevail.

In the meantime, browse the archives and hey, do me a favour and weigh in on my last post. I really need to find some direction over here, and a year-and-a-bit will go by really darn quick.

Happy Holidays / Christmas / Hannuka / Chrismukka / Winter Solstice / Kwanza / Festivus / etc. everyone!

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