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Christmas shopping and the phantom tooter.

2007-12-13 - 9:55 a.m.

Now that Grommet is stringing more words into sentences, it’s hilarious some of the stuff she comes out with. The other night a mysterious stench filled the air and J, Bobby and I all looked at each other suspiciously. We were all quick to vehemently deny culpability, then Grommet came charging back into the room, which she’d vacated a minute or so earlier.

“Grom, did you notice it’s stinky in here?”

Came the reply, “I toot, then I leave!”

“You sure did!”


Our office Christmas Party was yesterday. I had some misgivings when I walked into the dingy dive hole restaurant, and they were mostly borne out when our “buffet lunch” was an hour late and consisted of salads, tiny hotdogs, chicken wings, onion rings, fries, and mini slices of pizza. It was like the menu had been chosen by a teenager, who’d added salad as an afterthought concession to our advanced ages. Still, once my eyes adjusted to the dimness, and I’d gotten at least enough to fill me up (even if it wasn’t great food), we all embarked on a few rounds of pool playing, and that’s always a good time.

I used to play quite a bit of pool. I started in about grade 3 when my best friend had a pool table in her house, and have gone through sporadic bouts of intensive playing, usually dependant on whether it was a chief pastime of the fellow I was dating at the time. My boyfriend from when I was 15 worked at an arcade, so naturally we played a lot then, and when I was 16 I dated another guy for almost a year and the typical weekend ritual included at least one evening at a pool hall frequented by some of Ottawa’s most serious players. It became more of a sporadic activity through university, and I confess I’ve played more and more seldom since then.

It was good to play again, though my playing was wildly inconsistent. I’d miss a bunch of relatively easy shots, then handily pull off a long combination cross corner. Still, those sporadic moments of great play definitely gave a boost to my pool-playing reputation, plus it was fun to play with both my closest work friend (who’s moving on to another job next week *sniff*), and my “big boss”, who’s a fun guy that I respect immensely.


Thanks largely to J, who’s gone out of his way to pick stuff up for me that I’ve asked him to, I’ve got almost all my Christmas shopping done. I just need to pick up a couple of things still, but I’ve decided what those things will be and that’s always the biggest challenge for me. I’m very pleased about the gifts I’ve found this year, particularly the one for my youngest brother, who is very hard to buy for. It was a total “ah ha!” moment when I spotted what would be his gift: a plain black toque with built-in earphones! He’d actually asked for a new toque, but the earphones are what really put the icing on the cake. What 15-year-old wouldn’t love this gift? Especially one that already likes wearing toques? Woo hoo! Score!

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