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I just want to be warm for a few days; is that too much to ask?

2007-12-03 - 3:07 p.m.

I am sucking at this vacation-planning stuff. J told me to just decide on something and book it. I suggested going for a short trip somewhere warm like Florida, and maybe doing a long weekend in Wisconsin to go to Weetabixís mini-con. He replied that heíd rather do a longer stay somewhere warm, and didnít get why I was annoyed after he told me to make the decision than told me he didnít agree with my preference.

I then sent him a link to a place in Florida suggested by one of Sundryís readers. He emailed back that it looked great, and by the way, heíd heard that if one chose to go to Florida in January, one would be well-advised to go as far south as possibleÖ which this place isnít seeing as how itís about smack-dab halfway down the coast. Grr!

Iíve wasted hours today trying to find a decent place thatís more south in Florida, preferably on the west side, isnít difficult or too lengthy to get to by car from Tampa, and doesnít cost a ridiculous amount of money. I figure, if I can get a fantastic place in Hawaii for $160 a night, thereís no way Iím paying more than that Ė and little chance Iíll pay as much as that Ė in Florida. Iím on the verge of telling J that Iíll book the tickets but that itís up to him to book the place and washing my hands of itÖ

Unless any of you are in-the-know about Florida? Or maybe know someone who has the inside scoop on a good place to stay in southwest Florida? Seriously, itís times like this that I really need access to a mega-readership to answer this stuff, so put your thinking/networking caps on for me.


Today is a snow day. I bet you thought that only kids got those, eh? Not so. I waited in vain waited for the bus Ė which is supposed to come every 10-15 mins Ė for over 45 minutes and then figured that I was already too late to make it to my dentist appointment, and my boss is very supportive of my not braving nasty conditions to make it to work, so I decided just to stay here. I left a message saying Iíd try to work from home, but that Grommet and J were home so if it turned out to be too distracting to get anything done Iíd use up one of the family-related days Iím allowed every year. I have to confess I havenít gotten a whole lot done, despite Jís best efforts to give me some space. First Grommet wanted Mama and Mama only this morning, and then I volunteered to keep an eye on her while J snowblowered (snowblew?) out the driveway, and then I got caught up in this whole vacation-planning stuff and wasted a ton of frustrating time.

Itís still snowing to beat the band out there. I hope itís better by tomorrow Ďcause Iím looking forward to the IPS ultrasound and have no intention of missing it, and itís scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.

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