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That's why they call it a coincidence.

2007-11-30 - 11:19 a.m.

Today, according to the dating estimated by the last ultrasound, I officially started my second trimester. Next Monday I have a dentist appointment Ė no x-rays for me this time around Ė and then Tuesday I have my next ultrasound to check the nuchal translucency. I have to admit, Iím getting excited at the prospect of another peek at the Biscuit, whom I havenít seen since she/he was just a tiny seahorse with a pulsating heart at his/her core. And while we donít get the recalculated odds of problems until the blood work is done and factored in in a few weeks, I will take a low NT measurement and presence of the nasal bone as a positive enough sign that we can probably start letting friends know that Iím not just getting chubby over the holiday season. Weíve already spilled the beans to a few folks whom are either close friends or whom we donít see often but had a rare chance to see recently. I know that there are instances where the IPS gives bad results, and I know people who have gone to their 12 week ultrasound only to find that the baby hasnít made it, but Iím going to take the incremental creeping of my waistline towards the limits of my non-maternity clothesí waistbands as a good sign, at least for the latter case. Premature though this pronouncement might be, I feel good about the Biscuitís chances of being alive and well in there.


Creepy thing that happened to me last night. I was on the bus going home and we were approaching a stop when it popped into my head that it would be a very odd thing to get off the bus that was going to take me right to my door, and stand at a lonely stop with an expired transfer waiting for the next one, where Iíd have to pay a full fare again, and would I do it if I got a strong feeling that I should? I mean, I didnít have a strong feeling then, but if I did, would I? Or would I tell myself I was being ridiculous and stay on the bus? Not two minutes later, the window that I was sitting beside let go of its frame at the bottom and started to hinge outward from the bus. I donít mean that a part of the window that normally opened opened, I mean there was a defect in the seal of the actual casing that holds the window in place and the entire thing started to hinge outward and would eventually, Iím sure, have ended up falling out.

I surprised myself with my own quick reaction time and grabbed the bottom of the window and pulled it shut again before it had a chance to open too far. And I had to help my fellow passengers hold it in whenever the bus really picked up speed. The funny thing is, no one told the bus driver because it was late, and cold, and no one wanted to wait for a replacement bus. We made a pact that the fellow getting off at the last stop would tell the driver so that he would know to drive back to the home base slowly so as not to lose his window and maybe even cause an accident.

So, itís not like we actually had a code red emergency on the bus or anything, and itís not like a got a strong ďget off nowĒ vibe and bailed on a bus that then exploded as it drove off into the night, but it still seemed kind of weird that Iíd suddenly, out of the blue, start to think about the bus having a mishap and then the window Iím sitting beside half-detaches from its frame right after Iíve had this thought.

The only similar thing that happened in recent memory was the time I turned to J out of the blue and asked him if his sister had had a lot of peanut butter when she was pregnant and mentioned that doing so might contribute to peanut allergies, and then about a Ĺ hour later we got a call that our niece had accidentally been exposed to peanuts and gone into anaphylactic shock.

I know these things are coincidences, but I canít help but marvel as to what a strange coincidence they were. Anyone else have something like this happen to them?

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