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Food: the great preoccupation.

2007-11-26 - 11:32 a.m.

I had a great weekend and got to see friends I hadnít seen in a long time. In a funny twist, I knew that the friend (and her family) I saw on Saturday has the URL of this journal but never reads, but had entirely forgotten that the friend (and her husband, who is also a good friend in his own right) I saw Sunday has the URL and actually reads this journal. To this I can only say, to all those of you who know me in real life, if you leave me a comment from time to time, Iíll never forget that you read this (HINT, HINT).

So yeah, I didnít get to surprise the Sunday friends with news of the Biscuitís impending arrival, but at least I got the satisfaction of it being news on Saturday, both for my out-of-town friends and for my grandmother, with whom we had dinner at my momís. I certainly didnít mind the Sunday friends knowing; I just didnít get the fun of seeing their faces when they found out.

So, Grommet got her first taste of dim sum on Saturday and her second taste of Thai on Sunday. Iím really glad she gets the chance to be exposed to different cuisines, even if she ends up mostly eating various forms of meat and rice. She surprised me by liking the shrimp rolls on Saturday, but I wasnít surprised she liked the pork shui my, pork buns, or noodles, and she did gamely try a few other things. On Sunday it was the sticky rice she mostly ate, complemented by bits of Jís and my dishes.

I have to say, last week I was jealous of all the Thanksgiving food plans I was reading about on blogs south of the border. Then fate delivered into my hands an almost-perfect Thanksgiving-style dinner of my own. In a fortuitous twist, my mom decided on roast turkey-breast, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes with kale, squash, roasted turnip and sweet potatoes, and salad, followed by pumpkin pie and chocolate mousse for dessert. All of this was, of course, homemade and some of it was from her own organic produce left from her fall harvest. The only hitch in my gluttony was that I had a headache and couldnít come close to doing justice to the meal. All was not lost however, as I caved and took a physician-approved Tylenol before dinner and was feeling decidedly perked-up by about halfway through. Still, I definitely ate less than I normally would have. I suppose this isnít the worst thing ever though, as I do want to keep an eye on my weight gain during this pregnancy. (Devil on my left shoulder: Yeah, keep an eye on it going up. Angel on my right shoulder: Shut up Devil. That angel, quick with the witty retorts, as always, non?) Not like I didnít keep an eye on it last time, but last time I only had me to concentrate on, and this time I canít be so self-indulgent. At least Iíve started making time to go to the gym on the weekends in addition to the two classes I teach during the week. Yesterday I was even jogging on the treadmill. Iíve gotta do something: now that I live in the Ďburbs Iím finding that I walk way, WAY less than I used to.

Mmm. With all this talk of food, Iím glad itís almost lunch timeÖ

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