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Hair today, gone tomorrow.

2007-11-16 - 9:28 a.m.

My hair must know itís in jeopardy; itís behaving itself rather well today. Iíve noticed it tends to do that when Iíve scheduled a haircut, which I have for this afternoon.

Normally I cut my own hair. (Thatís right: if you met me this past summer, and you know who you are, that haircut I was sporting was one of mine.) Partly Ďcause Iím cheap, partly Ďcause Iím not someone who worried excessively about their hair and figure itíll grow back even if I mess up, and partly Ďcause, frankly, the ratio of good cuts to mediocre cuts from a professional seems to be about the same as I achieve, and I resent the mediocre cuts less if I didnít pay for it and love the smug feeling I get when I give myself a really good, flattering cut.

Iíve explained my approach to cutting my own hair before (which is the same way I cook, and what the focus of the entry in that link is), and the summary is, I have a vision of the end product and I cut hair away until whatís left matches that vision. I guess itís kind of like how some sculptors ďseeĒ the sculpture in the stone before they start and then they just liberate that sculpture from its confines (only this is less lofty as itís just my hair).

Iím always puzzled by the number of people who call me ďbraveĒ for cutting my own hair. Itís only brave if it scares you and I just donít see what the big deal is.

So why am I getting my hair cut for me if I take all this pride in cutting my own hair, yadda, yadda? Because I have a gift certificate and I donít want it to go to waste. Iím often terrible about using those things up before they expire, so I was determined to use this one. It is for one of my favourite upscale salons. I figure itís good for two haircuts and it expires next May, so Iíd better get the first one soon because who knows how long itíll take me to get there again? Well, itíll have to be before May. Besides, since Iím due in June itíll probably be nice to have some pampering in the spring. But thereís little chance Iíd want to have two cuts close together so I figured Iíd get the first one now.

Wish me luck.


Hey, 10 weeks today! That means Iím now carrying a fetus instead of an embryo, and most of the Biscuitís major systems are in place!

In other, not-so-great news, the obstetrician I was supposed to be referred to doesnít have any space left for June due dates. My family doctor thought it would be too early at my last appointment, but by this recent appointment it was apparently too late! Grr.

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