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Doc results and meatloaf.

2007-11-14 - 11:16 a.m.

Okay, yesterday’s prenatal appointment? Took. For. Ev. Er. And I wasn’t mentally prepared for it at all, because a) my doctor is the world’s best at getting me in and out on time and b) last time I got to this stage I was seeing a midwife so I had the long appointment there I guess, and thought that it was long because I was a new patient and not because the stage I was at dictated a long appointment no matter which doctor I was seeing.

As usual, she started the appointment right on time (I know! A doctor that almost always starts appointments on time? Unheard of!) but, unbeknownst to me, we had about a trillion forms to fill out (records for her, records for the Ministry of Health, referral documents for the obstetrician, and requisitions for IPS tests) AND the pelvic exam I got last time for all the swabs didn’t, in fact, mean I’d had the full prenatal physical so there was all that to get through as well, plus any questions I had and information for me that I didn’t necessarily know I needed. I had to give her my due date at least half a dozen times for different forms. We went over the results of my tests (all good except my hematocrit was a bit low, but I was told not to worry about it) and my medical history, as well as some general information on J. I was with her for a full hour instead of the ½ hour I’d been scheduled for, and I can’t imagine how much an appointment like that would have cost without universal heathcare.

All this made me a full 20 minutes late for lunch with my father, but he was surprisingly understanding about it since it was for a prenatal visit and out of my control. We toasted to “the new baby” with cranberry juice and soda, and he treated me to a decadent lunch of Thai red curry shrimp with jasmine rice and wilted pea shoot salad, and half a serving of fresh-baked apple cobbler with a maple pecan crust. I didn’t mind paying a few bucks to park downtown in order to be treated to a meal like that!

Speaking of food, I tried my hand at meatloaf for the first time a couple of nights ago. I scanned a few recipes and mentally selected ingredients, then cobbled it together. The theory was that Grommet doesn’t like vegetables, but loves sausage, so she’d eat this in which I’d hidden some veggies. The down side was that she didn’t like it. Like, at all. On the plus side, I loved it. More than I’ve ever enjoyed any other meatloaf. Unfortunately, while I know what I put in, I have no idea what the quantities were since I just put a dash of this, a shake of that, and a squirt of the other thing.

If you’re interested, and culinarily inclined so you know roughly what would be enough but not too much of various things, here’s my list of ingredients, with the few proportions I know:
1 omega-enriched egg
worcestershire sauce
½ lb ground beef (roughly, may have been 3/4)
½ large carrot, grated
½ med zucchini, grated
½ med onion, diced
clove garlic, minced
Italian parsley, fresh, chopped, about a good handful
breadcrumbs (and can I just add that I've never bought breadcrumbs in my life and had wondered what the heck they were used for?)
ketchup (good squirt)

I mixed it all together, threw it in a loaf pan (it only about ½ filled it), and put it in the oven for an hour. I started out at 350, then turned it down to 325 when I thought maybe it was too high, then worried it wasn’t cooking fast enough so turned it back up to just over 350. I started with foil on it then took it off for the last 10 minutes or so.

This combo made a nice, moist, tangy, slightly-falling-apart loaf.

Next time, in the interest of finding a combination that both Grommet and I like, I’m going to use either a mix of beef and pork or just pork, sub spinach in for the zucchini, maybe cut out the ketchup, and perhaps adjust the spices a bit so it’s more Italian-sausage-like (this will probably involved fennel seed and perhaps rosemary). I may also try a version similar to my original but with corn since Grommet likes that.

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