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Doctor's appointments and nicknames.

2007-11-13 - 10:32 a.m.

I keep forgetting itís Tuesday, just like yesterday I kept forgetting it was Monday. I had yesterday off, courtesy of Remembrance Day on Sunday. In years past Iíve tried to make to downtown to the ceremonies, but with Grommet itís just too difficult to face the crowds, not to mention the preparation and traffic to get there and a toddlerís attention span once we got there.

In just under an hour I have my next prenatal appointment, and I think itís the last one Iíll have with my regular doctor before I get handed over to the obstetrician. Iíll get the test results back from last time (you know, the one where they look, like, a gallon of blood) and I think Iíll be making arrangements for the Integrated Prenatal Screening (IPS) (the one which involves two more blood draws (boo!) and another ultrasound (yay!)).

Supposedly you can tell the sex of the baby by 12 weeks (check out the last study referenced here), but Iím not sure itís commonly done or even known about at the ultrasound clinics here in Ottawa. Iíll bring a copy of the article with me though, to see if I can get them to at least look. It would be very cool to know if Grommet will have a brother or a sister.

It has occurred to me though, that if the IPS results are poor and we end up with an amnio that shows definite problems, knowing the sex of the fetus will make it doubly hard to know what the best course of action would be. Still, as Iíve mentioned, Iím proceeding with the optimist view that all is well and will continue to be well with this pregnancy, so I donít think Iíd shy away from knowing the sex.

By the way, Iíve developed a mental nickname for this particular sprout, which might as well become his or her online name: Biscuit. Itís kind of convoluted how it came about but it essentially proceeded as free-association: the pulsating blob on the 8-week ultrasound reminded me of a seahorse, which reminded me of the racehorse Sea Biscuit, which then got shortened to Biscuit in my mind, and there you have it. It might not be as cool as the ďyoung skater or surferĒ definition of Grommet, but itís unisex, not totally fluffy, silly or typical, and I just like the sound of it. Nor do I mind the nod to the Ally McBeal character, or Sars, who has an ex-boyfriend who had that as his nickname.

So, Iím off to my appointment. Maybe at the same time I can get some advice about drug-free ways of getting over this darn cold which Iíve now had for two weeks. Blah.

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