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The great bump watch of ought seven.

2007-11-09 - 11:16 a.m.

It was a mere 3 or 4 days ago when, I kid you not, I rather hubristically speculated to J how odd it was that most of my second-time-pregnant friends had told me that they were showing by 9 weeks the second time.

ďBut Iím not showing yet and Iím almost 9 weeks.Ē

Cue laugh track and some merry foreshadowing music.

Pride cometh before the fall. Yesterday, a day shy of 9 weeks, I put on my clothes for work and my pants, well, they fit and I could close them without straining the buttons, but you know how sometimes pants fit fine at the beginning of the day and by the end of the day theyíre cutting you in half*? Yeah, I got the distinct impression that such would be case if I merrily tripped out the door in that outfit.

Rather than suffer through that like I did last time, I stripped off the pants and tossed them in the laundry, where they will repose until I wash them and carefully fold them away, not to see the light of day for, Iím guessing, at least a year. And I couldnít try my most-likely-to-still-fit other pants, because they too are in the wash. Instead, for the first time this round, I skipped over to my pile of recently-unearthed maternity clothes and donned a rather flattering pair of work slacks and black sweater. Today? My favourite, hip-looking pair of maternity jeans, also topped with a black sweater, though a different one. In truth, you still canít tell Iíve got a proto-bump going on unless you already know and are looking for it. I could easily wear non-maternity tops for sure. The thing is, none of the ones I own are long enough to hide the tell-tale elastic waistband on the pants, so itís the complete expecting-outfit for me.

Iíll try out some of my other non-maternity work clothes next Monday, but if they even hint at not comfortably encompassing my girth, they too will be consigned to the storage box. If thereís one thing I vividly remember from last time, once I finally surrendered to the maternity clothes I wondered why I hadnít done it earlier. Not this time. Comfort where I can find it is key. My biggest worry at this stage is that itís too early to tell all my work colleagues, but I only have so many maternity clothes that are not obviously maternity clothes. Good thing those empire-waist shirts seem to be in vogue again.

* This, of course, has nothing to do with the satisfying of my larger-than-usual seeming appetite whenever it strikes; my rallying cry of ďbut Iím pregnantĒ justifying cramming food into my gaping maw as fast as I can. Itís all about the baby attaining, at this point, the gargantuan proportions of a ďmedium-sized oliveĒ.

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