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Sick. Blah.

2007-11-05 - 3:15 p.m.

I'm home with a miserable head cold today. Fortunately, I have the best husband in the world that did not look upon my being home as a chance to lighten his child-tending load. You see, J has Grommet every Monday and Friday and, truth be told, positions reversed, I could easily see being tempted to say, "Oh good. Since you're home, can you look after the wee one while I just slip out to do this errand?" Instead, he let me stay in bed and try to sleep. While I didn't manage that, I did watch crappy daytime TV for awhile and, you know, I do actually feel better for having had the break. This is particularly heroic when you take into account that J also has this same cold. However, because I'm also pregnant, he figures I hold the trump card on getting to be the one to rest.

He even picked me up a Happy Meal for lunch, and some movies to watch if I'm home tomorrow. This man rocks I tell you. Right now Grommet is napping and he's gone to pick up our new couch. Woot!

So, yeah, not a lot of news, despite almost a week passing since I last wrote an entry. It's been mostly drag-myself-around and keep-a-supply-of-tissues-at-the-ready for the last few days.

Oh, I did manage to scald my hand with a cup of hot tea on Thursday morning. Not that my clumsiness is that noteworthy.

I don't think I'll be going back to work until Wednesday. This cold is easing a little but is still kind of kicking my ass, and what's more annoying than a sick co-worker who's not around doing their work? A sick co-worker that insists on coming to work and makes you sick too. I don't want to be that person that takes out half the office in an act of martyrdom. I have the sick time; I'm going to take it.


Can you believe almost 8 1/2 weeks already? I should get with it and start taking my belly shots for this round soon.

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