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2007-10-29 - 9:26 a.m.

As fair warning, entries this week are apt to be a little sparse: Iím on course on Thursday and Friday so Iíll be busy and away from my computer, and Iím considering taking Wednesday off to deal with unpacking and sorting all my clothes and rearranging the kitchen while Grommet is at daycare.

J, bless him, has taken care of almost all the settling-into-the-house stuff like cleaning, unpacking, letting painters in, changing light switches, etc. But he simply cannot do everything. Right now, for instance, heís unpacked and put away all the kitchen stuff, but in a manner so un-intuitive that, even after a full week of using the kitchen, it takes opening at least 3 cupboards for me to find a plate.


Iím not sure what to do about Halloween yet. This is a scary admission, given that itís only two days away and last year weíd had not one, but two costumes for Grommet for weeks already by this point. A friend and co-worker has promised me a costume because sheís got an extra one, so Iíve been putting off looking at buying any. However, sheís letting her son decide which he wants and will be passing along the other to me, but he keeps changing his mind. If she doesnít come into work with one today though, Iíll be giving J the signal to go forth and purchase, Ďcause sheís out of the office tomorrow and Iíll be gone on Wednesday, by which point itíll be too late. It may already be too late as I would have liked a chance to try the costume on Grommet with enough time to find a plan B and buy something else if this one didnít fit her.


I feel unsettled today. I was at the bus stop where I transfer buses this morning and a coworker happened to be driving by and stopped to offer me a lift the rest of the way to the office. Score, I thought to myself, this is going to be a good day. However, when I got to the office I noticed that the cap from my jump drive was missing and it was definitely there when I left home this morning. I strongly suspect that in my haste to grab the car door handle I caught it on something like my sleeve and it popped off. Itís a small thing Ė just a cheap plastic cap Ė but itís really thrown me into thinking that it may, in fact, be a bad omen for the day. And Iíd loved the sinuous, rounded shaped of my jump drive with the cap on, and now it just looks, well, naked an incomplete to me without it. I almost took a bus back to my connecting stop Ė itís only 10 minutes away Ė but I know that that would be kind of stupid and probably fruitless since it would have fallen into the middle of a busy street. Still, I canít help but wish I hadnít gotten that lift, since Iíd prefer to have my jump drive intact than have saved the five minutes this morning.

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