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2007-10-15 - 9:28 a.m.

Our interim house is almost ready to move into. The painters are supposed to finish by the end of the day. Starting tomorrow we can start to migrate boxes of stuff from the parentsí place to our new home, and Thursday the movers are bringing the big stuff thatís been hibernating in storage for the last couple of months. Sunday weíll complete the move by getting a van and moving the big stuff like Grommetís crib and dresser from the Ďrents, and weíll, in theory, be moved in full-time.

I have surprisingly mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, new place, our own space, and a half an hour cut off my commute each way to work. On the other, no more mom-cooked family meals waiting for me when I get home from a long day, no grandparents around every day for Grommet, no more convivial tea, chat, and crossword sessions around the table in the evening, and Iíll have to be an adult and take care of the bills as they come in, rather than just writing one all-inclusive rent check.

Itís good to know that, if it should be decided that it would be beneficial in the future, we could definitely all get along if we were to live in close proximity to each other. Weíd, at one point, envisioned looking for a place and adding a secondary dwelling unit for my mom. Her place wasnít easy for one person to maintain, it was far out of town, and she was thinking itíd be fun to move into town into a smaller, more manageable space. When she and Jís dad got together and he moved out to her place it put the kibosh on that. If, however, circumstances changed, I donít think any of us would balk at the thought of buying/building places close to or adjoining one-another.

In the meantime, Iím very excited about the new colours weíve chosen for the house (neutrals except for the Gromís room (green with a large chalkboard-painted wall) and the nursery (!) which has white wainscoting and orange walls). And yesterday we picked the exterior colours for the long-range house and, since weíd bought fairly early, we got our first choice (Mattamy doesnít allow the same colours within two houses down or across the street), so that purchase too is starting to feel a bit more real. What is still kind of unreal feeling is that there will be four of us moving into that place, that the youngest will be over 9 months old, and Iíll have been off work for over 9 months on mat leave at that point (yes, it's not a myth: we get a full year of paid mat leave up here in Canada). It feels extremely weird that Iím already 5 weeks pregnant, and that Iíll be having a new son or daughter in about 7 Ĺ months.

Itís a good thing change is good, 'cause weíve got a lot of it coming up.

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