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All quiet on the uterine front.

2007-10-11 - 11:38 a.m.

As near as I can tell, Iím about 15 days post-ovulation at this point. Itís possible that Iím out by a day or two, but for simplicityís sake Iím going to pick a day (two days before my temperature rose and ovulation was confirmed by the cooter cam on Sept 28th) and run with it, and that day was day 20 of my cycle, or the 26th of September. That would put my due date at June 18th, and mean that the wee blob will reach this stage today or tomorrow. I think the ultrasound on October 23rd should be able to confirm my dates, yes?

Iím not only hoping that everything will proceed smoothly from here; Iíve decided to be optimistic in a whistling-past-the-graveyard kind of way and plunge into the mindset that I WILL be having this baby next summer. With that in mind...

Who knows how far in advance they schedule c-sections, if I elect to have one instead of a VBAC? A week? Two? This is critical people so hit the comment link if you know the answer: I was really hoping to go into Art in the Park this year and I think itís the first weekend in June. I know, I know, itís probably silly to worry about it Ďcause really, a week before Iím due? Am I crazy? I didnít even make it that far last time. Still, if itís May 31st and June 1st I may apply and have J watch my booth if I need a break; if itís the 7th and 8th of June I will likely not be in luck this year. Man, what are the odds? Iíve been planning to be in that show since May of this year, so Iíll have been waiting more than a year for the chance and Iíll likely have to skip it. Phooey. Oh well, small sacrifice. (I have to confess a certain fondness for the mental image of me standing in my booth amongst my photographs and out to here.)

Yes, I know that VBACs are statistically as safe or safer than elective repeat cesareans in some cases, but Iím going to do my research and discuss my specific situation with my doctor before making any final decisions. The fact is, the induction was awful when I got pre-eclampsia last time, and I ended up with a c-section anyway. At this point Iíd be willing to try for a VBAC, but if my blood pressure started going up again Iíd be scheduling that cesarean right quick I can tell you. Anyway, there may be factors involved in my specific medical situation, of which I am currently ignorant, so Iím reserving judgment.

Despite my best efforts at covering everything I needed to have done as a prenatal workup when they did my beta and progesterone, I have some further blood work scheduled for next week. I didnít realize they automatically check for things like HIV and syphilis as well, so another needle stick for me. Iíll survive. I need the blood work done before I can get a referral to an obstetrician*, and the obstetrician my doctor is proposing to refer me to works at the right hospital and, as a bonus, looks pretty cool, given that sheís the medical expert fact-checker for numerous online articles. I hope the referral goes through.

* Yep, thatís right, no midwife for me this time around. Even my midwife from my last pregnancy said, ďShawna, there are some people that are just better off with an OB.Ē I must agree with her, Iím one of those people. I liked the midwives as people, but when my care was transferred to the high-risk unit I lost all continuity of care, and then I found it became unnecessarily complicated when Grommet was technically in the midwive's care and I was in the doctorís. I also noticed that the nurses and the midwives did a lot of finger-pointing at each other for minor hiccups in Grommetís care, and Iíd like one group only to be responsible for the both of us on the next go-round.

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