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I did it my way: redux.

2007-10-09 - 10:19 a.m.

Iím 35 today (and the 4-year anniversary of this journal was two days ago). While people have assured me that middle age starts at 40, Iím not sure I believe them. Two times 35 is 70, and while average life expectancy in Canada is in the high 70s, ďmiddle ageĒ is an age range, not a precise point, so surely it doesnít start at exactly the middle?

35 is, then, in theory, a big year. A milestone. Itís also the age at which statistics related to pregnancy become significantly less rosy: harder to get pregnant and a higher risk of birth and genetic defects if you do get pregnant. Amniocentesis is often routinely offered to women who are pregnant at the 35-year (or higher) mark, presumably on the theory that the benefits statistically outweigh the risks at that point.

What does this have to do with me? Well, aside from the fact that weíve been ďtryingĒ for awhile, yesterday I had a strong positive result on my home pregnancy test! And on a non-Clomid cycle! Go me! I donít want to start being all happy yet though, given what happened last time. I went for a beta level this morning and will have the results this afternoon, whereupon Iím hoping some small optimistic yays can start issuing forth.

Unlike last time, the positive stripe on the HPT was a good, strong colour (last time it was only half as dark as the test stripe, despite being further along in the cycle Ė day 35 vs. day 32 this time). Also unlike last time, my basal body temperature chart has been more markedly biphasic and has stayed above the dangerous 98.0 degrees, whereas last time it kind of dipped a couple of times post-ovulation, and then plummeted on the day I miscarried. However, Iíve been kind of crampy for the last 12 hours or so, so I donít want to get all carried away and would rather wait for my beta before pronouncing this one well-rooted. Yes, I realize that a good beta today doesnít make me immune to miscarriage this go-round, but itís better than a bad beta and itís always good to have good news on your birthday, right? Tomorrow can take care of itself.


Edited (11:50, same day) to add: Beta 322 and progesterone 77!!! Both are apparently good since they look for the latter to be over 30 and it's early enough that the beta is reasonable, though harder to predict as to exactly what it "should" be.

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