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Things that go plop in the night.

2007-09-26 - 2:12 p.m.

I had a doctorís appointment yesterday afternoon and she had to admit, she couldnít tell what the cause is of the itchy bumps I mentioned yesterday. Like me, she said that it couldnít be bedbugs because Iíd be getting bitten all over. Based on the locations (legs and ankles) she said that I was probably walking/standing and sitting on something that was causing it. She would have suspected fleas, but for the fact that the cat isnít scratching and Iíve never seen a flea around me Ė and with this many bites I probably would have if they were the culprit. Plus, no one else is getting bitten. She conceded it could be an allergic reaction, though it didnít really look like one. Apparently I should note when it stops because if itís an allergy it might subside after the first hard frost, which is typically when people with hayfever (or is it ragweed allergy?) find relief. She summed it up with,

ďI just donít know what it is. Sometimes people come in with symptoms we just canít explain easily.Ē

Fair enough.


Hereís the big news of the day: Grommet pooped on the potty for the first time last night. I realize that non-parents are probably all, so what? But those in the diaper-changing army can probably be excited for me. It almost didnít happen because I was pretty convinced she was just trying to stall her bedtime (she was in her crib and trying every other stalling tactic at her disposal), but Iíd just changed her and hate the waste of a fresh diaper. So when she started asking for the potty (which she often does when she feels a poop coming on Ė yay!) I decided, what the heck, and took her off to the bathroom, took off her pyjama bottoms and diaper, and sat her on the pot. I was pleasantly surprised when she did indeed produce.

Weíre not trying to pressure or rush the toilet training, but man, this is definitely a welcome turn of events. She hasnít gotten to the same level of realization that she has to go to the potty when she pees, but the pee-soaked diapers are SO much better to deal with than the poopy ones. And she just turned 20 months old the day before, so I think weíre ahead of the bell curve on this one.

Kidís a genius I tell you.

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