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Yes, I am positive!

2007-09-06 - 2:01 p.m.

I took another pregnancy test last night. I bought it right before I started teaching my class at the gym (which is conveniently located in a large grocery store with a pharmacy section), and beetled into the washroom as soon as was seemly after the class was over. I didn’t have a watch, so I peed on the stick to 10-steamboat, just to be sure, and figured by the time the song on the sound system was over it would have been about 3 minutes. I didn’t have to wait that long. After about a minute…

Two lines, baybeh!

I feel, excited! And nervous as heck! And maybe even a little terrified at the thought of having two kids at the same time and dividing my attention between them. And thrilled at the thought of a new little squeaker clad in tiny fuzzy footsies. And worried about this one’s health until I can be reassured by the various tests like the nuchal fold ultrasound. And a teeny bit sorry to say goodbye to my recently-regained pre-pregnancy physique and weight level in the gym. And kind of absurdly proud, and like I’ve just re-gained admission to an exclusive club, particularly given the number of women who I read that are pregnant for the second or third time. And oddly not worried about whether more than one of those three follicles hit the jackpot. The fact that I ovulated so late (probably day 20 if I implanted on day 31) didn’t bode well for even one, much less two. Still, I supposed it’s a possibility. Lord knows my “instincts” have been completely wrong on this conception thing so far.

I have blood work scheduled for later today and will be booking an ultrasound for a couple of weeks from now to check, presumably, on that whole “how many” thing and maybe confirm my estimated ovulation/due dates.

Already I’ve been looking up dates and figuring out when we’d have a c-section if we don’t go for a VBAC (and people, I am VERY ambivalent about this: my first birth experience was so awful – 12 hours of back labour followed by a very scary period of time where Grom’s heart rate wasn’t recovering and, finally, an emergency c-section – that I can easily see the temptation to just schedule the darn thing and be done with it). No offence to the collective wisdom of the Internet, but, like Sundry (entry-specific link to come when I get home and can see the entry name which is firewalled out here), I’ll be swayed by doctor’s advice more than random-stranger advice. And even our midwife gently hinted that maybe there are some people who are just better off in obstetrical care, so we’re going with an OB this time. My initial reaction is to say yes to the VBAC concept but remain flexible and schedule the section if I start to swell up and go pre-eclamptic again. If we do schedule though, it’ll probably be on the 5th of May or so. You know what that means? Today is the 5th of September*. That means in eight months I’ll have another child, knock on wood. (No chickens being counted here Fate. Look the other way and don’t be tempted.)

Freaky! Here’s that scared/excited feeling welling up again!

So, who knows? J. And my boss, since he has to okay me going to all the appointments. And the Internet. So far, that’s it, so if you know me in “real” life don’t let the cat out of the bag to anyone else. This Thursday we’re telling the ‘rents.

I don’t think we’ll follow all the “rules” this time: I plan on living dangerously by eating vegetarian sushi and maybe even (gasp) California roll when I want to. I’m thinking the odd morsel of Brie won’t really hurt either. And I’m not going to wait until 3 months to tell people. From what I understand, you show so early after the first one that I couldn’t keep it a secret that long if I tried.

And so, a new adventure begins…

*Note: I wrote this on the 5th of September, but will only be posting it on the 6th, depending on when I can phone my friend Jo and let her know.

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